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So first we got Titan Quest Anniversary

Now we got Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered

I love the remasters of games, especially that we get them for free if we own the original!

Steam edition is on the bottom and Re-Mars-tered is the top. I certainly think there is a difference and very noticeable.

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and we got it for free! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Thanks for reminding me, I'm installing it right meow!

One of my all-time favorite "fun time" games. It's not particularly great in any department, but the game is just. so. much. FUN!

The 4th installment was pretty good too, though a big big change in gameplay as well.

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Devs forgot what it's really about remasters, first all of we need a game that everybody loved, it needs to be in age and the improvements must be something that we can see.

Red Faction Guerrilla is neither of those, don't get me wrong the Guerrilla was an Okay game with great destruction but they didn't improve anything major in graphics, they at least gave it for free for owners of the original.To me real remaster needs to be an old game that everybody loved like Crash Bandicoot which was an old PS game that everybody loved, what they did was bringing modern graphics, combining 3 games into 1 game.

The upcoming Spyro which is another PS classic will do most likely the same thing.

IMO if they'd want to remaster anything it'll be a better idea to remaster the original and the 2nd Red Faction games into 1 game.

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Oh man, I still need to get Ragnarok