AI Defeats TI8 Champions OG

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Can you believe this? And here I was, dedicated to putting down those who think AI can defeat pro-gamers. I get 1v1, but a MOBA? DOTA 2? It's absurd.

Or at least, until this came to my dashboard.

Now I'm wondering if the World Cyber Games was on to something when they had that AI Masters thing and had a competition for those to develop an AI as some sort of game.

I didn't get the chance to see how this went or have any news apart from this one that is on their official website.

But even so, I still want to believe that the one who defeated OG is a hiccup of sorts and that something very human must've happened that an AI beats TI8 Champions OG in DOTA 2.

Maybe they underestimated it, who knows.

I'm very open to a lot of things, especially if it makes esports better.

But I'm not so sure about AI taking over the esports community or something akin to that.

Maybe I'm just paranoid that someone out there will start the robopocalypse.

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Eh, it was going to happen eventually, just so happens that AI is capable of doing it now. It's not going to replace esports though. Competition is about how good the people are against each other, that's what makes it interesting to partake in and watch.

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@vagrantsnow: true, I just learned after diving into this some more, that it actually defeated 3 more pro-gamers. They are also going to have an online competition, inviting more Dota 2 gamers all around the world to compete. Not sure about WCG AI Masters (since it looks like it's more on developing AIs on that end), but OpenAI seems to be evolving more and more by the day, and it could end up being a factor in esports.

I bet Team Liquid would win against OpenAI Five (I think).

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AI will create games in the future I bet.

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@warmblur: I won't be surprised if this happens too. They even have that WCG AI Masters tournament that makes AI for this football game.

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You should watch AlphaGO on Netflix. Very good documentary. As an update on that, they now have a suped up version that learned from AlphaGO and itself to crush AlphaGO. I'm not surprised at all that an AI can win at DOTA

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I watched both matches against the OpenAI. Pretty incredible how it handles situations so effectively. It shows that what people think are good strategies really often aren't that great.

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Not surprised. They've been working on this for a long time. It's an impressive feat though!

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WCG recently announced a mech battle tournament that will also be happening alongside the AI vs AI football match. Time will come, all sports will also have robot versions. Robot sports are the future!