A few questions on my new rig? Rizen 5 1600 + Rx570 BTW

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Okay, so my Amd FX motherboard dried and I decided rather than replacing the motherboard I'd go ahead and upgrade to a Ryzen 5. Along with this I got the required DDR4 ram (16 GB at 2666mhz BTW), Motherboard, and an AMD RX 570 with 4 GB DDR5 ram. I believe it is the best balanced rig I could afford at the moment.

My first question exactly is how balanced is this rig? I know that an RX 580 would have been better, but I only had about $400 to spend on this upgrade, and I barley got all the parts in, thanks to a sale on Newegg on the Ryzen 5 processor.

My second question is about my monitor. Currently it plays in 900p and looks pretty good, but I'm wondering if it'd be worth upgrading to a 1080p monitor with these parts. I kinda figured 4k is out of the question for next gen games, so 1080p is about all I'm aiming for if I do upgrade.

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The Ryzen 1600 is a excellent CPU for modern gaming due to the native 6 cores and high thread count with decent IPC, it can easily handle GPU's a lot more powerful than a RX 570 and the 16GB RAM is a excellent choice also which will make future upgrades a lot easier so all you would need is a to just buy a GPU 2-3 times as powerful and you will have little to no bottle neck especially at higher resolutions.

The RX 570 GPU is still excellent and to be honest 1080/60 is its sweet spot with most games being able to run at their highest settings or just a step below with no issues what so ever so a monitor upgrade will not be out of the question, I personally would go as far as saying go for a 144Hz 1080p panel or just get a 27" 1440/60 panel... And sure your GPU can't max games out at 1440p but most games on a mixture of Medium to high settings don't look that different from Ultra settings and run significantly better.

Either way you go with your monitor upgrade your system is balanced and to some degree future proof for further GPU upgrades thanks to your core/thread count and RAM amount.

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It's a well balanced rig, and you'll be able to upgrade both CPU and GPU when you need it. For monitor you can choose between regular full HD or ultra wide (2560x1080) 75Hz with freesync. Higher resolution or refresh rate would be a waste of money with that rig IMO.

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@blazepanzer24: Try to get Ryzen 2600X, if not 2500 or regular 2600 will do.

If you aim for gaming only I'd also check Intel i5 8600/9600 prices.

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Well, I've got the parts and they seem to work well together on my 900p monitor. I think I'll try and go for a 1080p monitor at the end of the year, but unless I upgrade to a mid Atx motherboard, I doubt I'll make any adjustments to it other than a 2 TB SSD.

@PredatorRules said:

@blazepanzer24: Try to get Ryzen 2600X, if not 2500 or regular 2600 will do.

If you aim for gaming only I'd also check Intel i5 8600/9600 prices.

I had considered that back when I decided to switch to a Ryzen system, but my FX motherboard died out on my sooner than expected. If it had lasted until august like I planned, I'd have probably gone that route.