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#1 Posted by _Dox_ (25 posts) -

I have a very specific game request, and if you could help me out, that would be great!

I have been a fan of Minecraft for one reason- faction servers. I love the idea of making an empire/ base, gathering materials, having allies and enemy clans, and then risking all of your items on the battlefield raiding or looting other bases.

So, by what I've described, are there any games like this? DayZ (mod version) has base building and the intense losing your items type deal. I know my question might be a little ignorant, but I've searched for so long with no luck.

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#2 Posted by PredatorRules (11994 posts) -

It's called Rust, 20$ on Steam

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#3 Posted by IvanElk (3798 posts) -

@PredatorRules said:

It's called Rust, 20$ on Steam

Pretty much what you described in a nutshell. Also more mod support will come along when the game gets a tad more stable (less frequent updates and such).

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#4 Posted by Arthas045 (5766 posts) -

@PredatorRules said:

It's called Rust, 20$ on Steam

This is a good one to choose.

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#5 Posted by Allurez (33 posts) -

Based on what you said you have Rust (mentioned above). But you have others maybe not so close to what you meant but I'll list some survival games, the ones that came to my mind right now: Arma 2: Combined Operations and play Wasteland mod (I have 80+ hours in it), State of Decay (Only Singleplayer, I own it), 7 Days to Die. There's alot of survival games maybe not like Factions in Minecraft. I'd go for Rust (Which I have yet to buy) and Arma 2 (get some friends build a base, gather guns and cars and protect the base).