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DVI-only is lame, but... Anyone looking to build a cheap GoG machine or something... this is a very cheap price for that card

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@xantufrog: GoG machine? lol It's equivalent to GTX1060 3Gb or should I in between 970 and 980.

DVI is lame indeed but hey it's get the job's done and I'm currently running GTX970, playing games like Anthem on high/ultra with good fps along with old i5.

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Honestly if I had the money I would. Misses keeps using my PC for Sims and is like you've got a PS4 play that.

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@PredatorRules: I'm on a 970 too and still love it. But 4GB... By GoG machine I didn't mean only old games, for the record. But my 970's 3.5 GB gets eaten pretty fast these days at 1080p with the newest blockbuster stuff. I think in a couple of years you and I will need to upgrade