32" Samsung HD 3D Smart TV + Xbox 360 issues

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Hi folks. Quite new to the forums. Just wanted to put this out there. With all the screenshots, reviews etc and speculation of what the new GTA will be like. I have recently started a new game in GTA 4 to get the 100% achievement before the new one is out. I bought a new Samsung HD 3D TV last year and thought there was an issue with it every so often kind of juddering/lagging, noticeable with MW3, even offline (used to it now ). BUT when playing GTA 4, this game looked gritty on my old HDTV but now this game looks absolutely horrendous on the newer TV. Has anyone else had these kind of issues with older games on new TV'S?, or does this sound more like an issue with my Xbox or TV?
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All I can offer is that if your TV has a GAME mode, use it. It turns of unnecessary post processes and usually is the most lag-free option. I've found this to be true for every HDTV I've owned, if that doesn't do the trick contact the manufacturer and see if they will offer to replace your set with a different model. Tell them that the TV is unusable in it's current state.
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yeah, the game mode on my samsung drops the blacks SUPER deep. i love running game mode JUST for the contrast difference. when cave exploring in Fallout, THE CAVES WERE DARK!!! i had to use a light source to scour the caves!! my GF thinks i am insane and gets super annoyed coz she can't see anything, BUT TAHTS THE POINT, CAVES ARE DARK!

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Try changing which port name you use for your 360 and change the name to PC. To do this, press the source button on your remote, then select the port (for example HDMI1) and press Tools. Then select Edit Name and select PC. This enables the TV to scale the image to suit a PC, but also works well for Xbox360 for most people. After doing this, you may want to make minor adjustments to picture quality by increasing sharpness, brightness etc. Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.