2560x1440 120hz Monitor

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Hey all, thinking about upgrading to a 1440p 120hz monitor, so far the only one thats been recommended to me is a catleap from ebay. The price does seem good but I am just hesitant about importing a monitor. Can anyone recommend a different monitor with these specs?

also are there any 1440p or higher res monitors that are also 3d vision compatible?

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The ones on Ebay are most probably fake ones / MULTI (which has OSD, which in turn causes input lag). Fake in terms of their OC-ing. There are no Real 1440p @ 120Hz monitors in existence (as in manufactured as 1440p @120Hz), it's only through OC-ing with the Yamakasi Catleap / Overlord Tempest.

Both Overclockable version are currently OUT OF STOCK:

You can get the Catleap (Korean) from: http://www.120hz.biz/monitors/

and the Tempest (US) from: http://www.overlordcomputer.com/overlord_tempest_X270OC_display_p/ot_x270oc.htm

Do understand that the 120Hz on this resolution is done through hardware (PCB / DVI-D cable) and software (NVCP/CCC patch).

They don't have 3D functionality at the moment either.

That being said... I personally support the Catleap Extreme more, not only because i currently utilize it, but mostly due to the fact that it's been around for a while now and it's tested on a lot. Drivers / support / info is readily available. The guys at 120Hz.net are very helpful and insightful.

On a side note: 2560x1440@120Hz puts a lot of strain on your system, do you have a PC that's powerful enough for it?