NCIX has filed for bankruptcy

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Wow! This is very sad news. I am sure many people have ordered from them, but this especially sucks for people like myself who live in the Vancouver area. We are used to just walking into one of their stores and being able to grab just about anything without having to wait for shipping or any bullshit. This is the retailer that I buy the vast majority of my hardware from. This is a sad day for sure. :(

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Yeah that's really sad. Sadly their stores were far away from my house but I went to one of them in Toronto one time and they had some cool stuff. It was last year that I wanted to build my first PC and while I didn't buy anything from there, the people working at that NCIX store were very helpful of what I needed to build a good PC. I would eventually order the parts from their websites and they always had some good deals there. Sadly the computer stores that I have in my city sucks since we only have Best Buy and this one computer store which has some cool stuff but man the stuff that they sell are way more expensive when compared to what NCIX has to offer.

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That's a shame, but I'm not too surprised.

At least Canada Computers is still around.

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yea, really terrible news. I've relied on these guys for PC parts since I started building PCs 10-12 years ago.

early on the staff would give me advice on parts and help me out making some decisions. as BassMan said, being able to just go in to a store and buy PC parts instead of having to order stuff online was huge.

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Wow that sucks I know they had pretty good deals from time to time.

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That sucks, but such is it these days.