Worst director EVER ?

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Posted by indzman (27735 posts) 4 years, 5 months ago

Poll: Worst director EVER ? (58 votes)

Michael Bay (Transformers, Pain and Gain) 12%
M Night Shyamalan (The Last Airbender,After Earth) 26%
Dennis Dugan ( Grown Ups 1 n 2) 5%
Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Meet the Spartans,Vampires Suck) 7%
Uwe Boll (Alone in the Dark,Blood Rayne) 50%

m night Shyamalan worst of the lot ... imo, complete snooze fest movies and great waste of talent.

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#1 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26735 posts) -

Well Bay and Shyamalan have actually made some good to watchable films (The Rock, Bad Boys, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs) so I am not sure I'd even put them up there with those other three. I'd say Uwe Boll is the worst because not only is he a terrible director but an arrogant ass as well.

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#2 Posted by Lone_Wolf_Lance (124 posts) -

Edward Davis "Ed" Wood, Jr. a.k.a. the guy who did Plan 9 from Outer Space.

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#3 Posted by DharmaMember77 (2377 posts) -

I vote Dugan since Adam Sandler probably has more control over the movies than he does.

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#4 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24520 posts) -

If you think any of those listed are among the worst directors, then I can safely assume you've never watched any of the films of Coleman Francis.

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#5 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -

I saw that Nazi movie with vampires, and it sucked major ass - so Uwe.

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#6 Posted by foxhound_fox (97003 posts) -

Shamalayamalamalamamalan and Boll from those well-known.

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#7 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (5215 posts) -

The one that made Vampires Suck.

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#8 Posted by Jd1680a (5958 posts) -

Ume Boll got to be the worst director out there when he thrashes a $60 million movie.

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#9 Edited by Tqricardinho (477 posts) -

Uwe Boll, terrible terrible terrible.

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#10 Edited by s_h_a_d_o (1317 posts) -

I do not see Ed Wood in that list. :|

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#11 Posted by 5dlrbill (103 posts) -

George lucas

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#12 Edited by SirSlimyScott (275 posts) -

Uwe Boll or Zack Snyder.

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#13 Posted by lostrib (49999 posts) -

Has Uwe boll ever made a good movie? or even a profitable movie?

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#14 Posted by Hallenbeck77 (15366 posts) -

If we're going off the list...

Bay gets a lot of crap with his movies, but the man knows how to film action sequences like no one's business. I think he's got a good movie in him...somewhere.

Shyamalan's success I think is nothing more than one hell of a fluke. He's had one, maybe two good movies in him, but he's been on a steady decline ever since Unbreakable.

Dugan's movies are VERY profitable, if nothing else. So I guess he has that going for him.

Friedburg and Seltzer come in a VERY close second. All of their movies are nothing more than pop culture references stretched over 90 minutes. Their movies come off as nothing more than lame parodies you would find in old issues of Cracked magazine--they're not even good enough to be in MAD. The ONLY reason they are remotely successful was because their names were attached to the first two installments of the Scary Movie franchise. And the reason for that success was because of the Wayans Brothers: Shawn, Marlon, and Keenan Ivory--Not those two other hacks.

Boll is someone who I think has contempt against anyone in the industry who is successful than him--which is just about everyone else. His early movies were funded through some weird tax laws, challenging critics to boxing matches when they trash his movies as well as insulting them...and that's not even getting into some of the technical aspects of his films, which are...well, most of you seen his movies.

He been called the "Ed Wood of the 21st Century", but I think it's unfair against Wood. He may have made bad movies, but there's a charm to Wood's movies that you get when you watch them, regardless of the quality. There's a joy in watching them--something that is nowhere to be found with the works of Uwe Boll.

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#15 Posted by MrYaotubo (2880 posts) -

@lostrib said:

Has Uwe boll ever made a good movie? or even a profitable movie?

Rampage was actually pretty good.

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#16 Posted by Makhaidos (2162 posts) -

There are probably worse directors, but it takes a special kind of bad to take such good source material as Avatar: The Last Airbender and make literally one of the worst movies of all time.

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#17 Edited by OmitName (766 posts) -

rampage is up on youtube. i dont have the heart to give it a chance due to my contempt for boll's previous offerings.

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#18 Posted by MirkoS77 (12907 posts) -

Paul Greengrass.

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#19 Posted by VaguelyTagged (10701 posts) -

none of them are. i really don't get the hatred towards Shyamalan. i dislike some of his movies too but he's far from being the worst ever.

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#20 Posted by WinsteadVolve (366 posts) -

Boll is a contender, but Bay takes the prize, dear mercy.

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#21 Posted by Crunchy_Nuts (2749 posts) -

Would have said Boll but... The Last Airbender, nothing can forgive that monster.

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#22 Edited by sukraj (27501 posts) -

Uwe Boll

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#23 Edited by PsychoLemons (3178 posts) -

Uwe Boll.

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i understand why people hold unhappiness in between them and appreciating mr.bay, but its not justified to count him among these as a bad director. what real sin has he commited to deserve being so shut out? maybe another director could have done transformers better, but would it have been as successful? certainly not by enough to have allowed for the existence of the sequels. it was definitely his take on it that made that possible. some of his worth while movies are; whether you will admit it or not, the transfomers movies were worth seeing. especially if you could cut little pieces away like; jon voit, andthony anderson, john turturro, the urban bots. pain and gain wasnt so awful; it squeezed a remarkable performance from dwane johnson, and that is noteworthy. bad boys2 very much deserves credit among action movies. bad boys the original of course. armageddon and the rock each had their own flaws but can stand up for themselves just fine. all of those count for most of his stuff anyway, i'd say that makes for a respectable reputation. brett ratner deserves to be considered among the likes of uwe boll far and long before michael bay. not to mention darren aronofsky. darrenaronofsky</creepy whisper> black swan is not good enough to merit forgiveness for what you have done darrenaronofsky.

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#25 Edited by DJ419 (1016 posts) -

@lone_wolf_lance said:

Edward Davis "Ed" Wood, Jr. a.k.a. the guy who did Plan 9 from Outer Space.

I have to tentatively agree.

On a related note, Ed Wood was such an awesome movie.

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#26 Edited by touchscreenpad (220 posts) -

I've watched a lot of movies but apparently not enough to really know who's really the worst...though once I've seen a movie that I didn't enjoy watching I couldn't care less about who directed it except The Last Airbender because the series was really good only to be ruined in a movie...really pissed me off.

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#27 Posted by helwa1988 (2157 posts) -

Michael is the worse because he has hordes of simple minded folks flocking to see his "movies"

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#28 Posted by Shmiity (6099 posts) -

Paul Anderson, Uwe Boll, Shyamalan.

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#29 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

Tyler Perry is the worst

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#30 Posted by _Judas_ (785 posts) -

Tommy Wiseau. End.

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M Night Shyamalan. Can't forgive him for the atrocity that was The Last Airbender.

A huge middle finger to Avatar fans everywhere.

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#32 Edited by iowastate (7922 posts) -

Shymalan did make one watchable movie but Uwe Bol....

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#33 Posted by OmitName (766 posts) -

sixth sense, unbreakable, and signs were all watchable. i liked another earth despite its detractors. i accepted it as his apology for the happening. airbender is a little unforgivable though. maybe five or so great movies down the line, and he would also have to fund a brilliant interpretation of the series he defiled. people were just mad that will smith sat down through out the movie, and that his son is not near as charismatic as he is.

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#34 Edited by LadyInque2 (35 posts) -

Bay is funny honestly i like the guy and his movies ni mean Bay is like "Dont Ask, Dont Tell..." but Shyamalan is the worst director ive ever seen i think, if im not wrong, that the only good movie he made i like was The Sixth Sense (7.0) the rest i cant rate them above 6 honestly...

Unbreakable (5.5)

Signals (5)

The Village (5)

Lady In The Water (5.5)

The Happening (5)

The Last Airbender (3)

Devil (This is horror? Please 5)

After Earth (6)

The problem with Shyamalan is that the guy, in at least 90% of his movies, always use, or tries, the same "evil-supernatural-twist" tool and the guy tries hard to make a good one but they're lame!!!!!! The guy cant do it!!! The guy is not a good director in the supernatural field!!!

My opinion...


:D :D :D :D

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#35 Posted by Makhaidos (2162 posts) -

The Last Airbender (3)

You are waaaaaay too generous with your ratings.

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#36 Posted by MakeMeaSammitch (4889 posts) -

It's so hard to choose.

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#37 Posted by AvatarMan96 (7324 posts) -

Tie between Boll and Seltzer/Friedberg. Neither has put out a good movie IMO

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#38 Posted by Vaasman (12980 posts) -

James Nguyen, director of Birdemic.

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#39 Posted by MrGeezer (59299 posts) -

None of these guys are the worst ever, if for no other reason than that we know who they are. Ed Wood got a freaking great movie made out of him because of how much he sucked. Uwe Boll gets people pissed off. Love these guys or hate them, there's one thing I can say about all of these directors and it's that people CARE about their work. You can sell yourself as great or you can sell yourself as $hit, but you're accomplishing a big part of success if you're loved or hated enough to be remembered.

At least those guys tend to get another chance. Do you know who doesn't get another chance? The people who are so bad that we completely f***ing forgot about them.

So...none of these guys are CLOSE to being the worst directors ever, because they got big enough to be noticed, and they got people talking about them even when they sucked ass (or BECAUSE they suck ass). The worst director ever is someone who nobody here could be bothered to even remember.

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@SirSlimyScrotum said:

Uwe Boll or Zack Snyder.

this yep

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I don't know about "worst" but anyone that nerds hype up is pretty bad. Scrubs like Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon.

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#42 Posted by Evil_Saluki (5217 posts) -

Uwe Bol is actually starting to get good. I think he's found his legs.