Why do streaming services have such a bad movie selection?

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I'm always disappointed with the movie quality on Netflix the only thing that keeps me subscribed is a few series. Looking at other streaming services they don't seem to much better Amazon Prime is meh too. Starz is a bit better but their website runs slow for me and their app on my smart tv is god awful slow and practically broken. Anyways what streaming service do you think has the best movies?

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Amazon Prime is pretty good.

Netflix has been disappointing lately, outside of a handful of exclusive stuff (Mindhunters, to name one).

Hulu has a good selection (it's essentially TV), but it has commercials. Still, not half as bad as regular TV commercials though.

Looking forward to Disney+, however.

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@warmblur said:

Anyways what streaming service do you think has the best movies?

They all suck. I've heard Amazon Prime is pretty comprehensive, but the quality sucks. Just stop streaming movies. Watch whatever you want via rentals and physical purchases.

Having said that, I'm very disappointed Netflix DVD has cut their distribution centers from like a hundred at their peak to seventeen now. I used to rent six discs a week. Now it takes days and days for them to send the next batch. I'm also sick of so many older movies not being available on Blu-ray there, or just not being available at all. I cancelled my sub again about a week ago. Still, their selection is far better than any streaming service. The quality is obviously better too.

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Also, to answer the question, because none of them can afford all that many of the good movies that are out there.

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Well, all the big studios owned by conglomerates now want their own platforms so you won't see their movies show up in Netflix or any other platform for that matter except their own.

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I agree and disagree, for example the UK Netflix, when it comes to new Western content is pretty shit.

For foreign stuff like Martial Arts movies, Chinese crime dramas and Kdramas there's a alot of stuff that you wouldn't be able to watch unless you dug deep for disks to buy or pirated fan subs.

Every-time I check Amazon Prime it seems 70% of the stuff is locked behind paywalls, it's annoying.

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A.P. has a decent amount of content at least for me when it comes to documentary, cult horror films, etc.., I compliment it with Tubi and Popcornflix.

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I'd agree. Most of the time I'll browse Netflix for 20 minutes and never end up watching anything. Will be interesting to check out Disney+

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A long time ago a young whipper-snapper came up to a bunch of old fart movie executives and said:

"Guys, I got this great idea. We will take your movies and put them online for people to watch, but they won't own them. I call it...streaming!"

The old fart movie execs, being old farts, thought the internet was a fad, but being business savvy they didn't say that, so with a wink to eachother they said "Golly, that sounds amazing young man. We will give you the rights for this much money!"

The young buck was delighted, and the execs were happy to think they were getting something for free, never beleiving the streaming thing would get off the ground.

Well, a few years later, streaming has not only taken off, but has dipped into the retail sale of movies, so now the movie execs are all pissed and snatching back the movie rights they once liberally gave out.

So while Netflix had great movie selections at one point and was the bee's knees, now it's a graveyard of b-movies, self-produced crap (with some stellar gems once in a while), and bargain-brand movies following the trend of Hollywood.

So that's why the movie selection sucks.

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The Criterion channel a wide range of classics. Though I do not watch Criterion films in this form. I prefer watching physical copies.

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Prime has quietly gotten much better over the last year or two.

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@Master_Live said:

Well, all the big studios owned by conglomerates now want their own platforms so you won't see their movies show up in Netflix or any other platform for that matter except their own.

This. Everyone's got their own service these days so no one platform has everything. This is especially true if you throw TV into the mix.

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I'm constantly disillusioned with the film quality on Netflix the main thing that keeps me bought in is a couple of arrangement. Taking a gander at other gushing administrations they don't appear to much better Amazon Prime is meh as well. Starz is somewhat better however their site runs delayed for me and their application on my brilliant television is horrendous moderate and for all intents and purposes broken. In any case what spilling administration do you think has the best films?