Why do most anime/manga fans hate seinen?

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For those who know manga but don't know what seinen means, here's a link:


For me at least, I outgrew DBZ and was never into its countless clones. I first jumped into the world of Seinen with the series Dorohedoro, and my art taste and sanity have never been the same. *DEATH METAL GROWLS, PICKS UP A BABY CORPSE AND EATS IT.*

And looking the big picture, seinen has been far more tolerable looking back than any of the.....


....SHONEN FODDER. Yes, I'm stating here and now that Bleach, Naruto etc are intolerable headaches that are zero quality.....I just don't GET them. Distinctive art styles, big deal. The endless yadda yadda gives me a headache. If shonen otakus cared enough to admit it, they would say the scientific fact that there is no damn action. It's just two so called opponents telling each other about their grudges or how they hate each other, and locking swords or whatever....then yammering even more with said weapons still crossed. Why is this even a genre? I'd rather listen to the following link played for ten hours straight then hear Naruto gloat like a toddler how his zanpakto is the most badassiest:


Oh, and btw that dead baby was delicious. Hail Satan.

Anyway, seinen is something else. None of the common shonen cliches are in da wae and there's loads of gore and "make-war-not-peace" themes. I looove I-Don't-Give af styled storytelling.

But it's been hard finding other people who like this kind of manga. Back in high school this purist gave me a dirty look for reading Dorohedoro. And every time I put up a seinen oriented "Who Would Win" fight on Facebook, no one else cares. It's freaking shocking. Everyone else would rather buy more Fairy Tail or My Hero Academia diapers to dump in. God....

Anyway, please don't roast me. Any thoughts? I have like zero friends who love Blood-C, Blue Gender, Berserk, Afro Samurai, Higanjima, Vinland Saga, etc.

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I have zero f**king idea what you're talking about.

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@vfighter: Click on the first link. It explains the subject.

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You're making a false blanket statement on what Shounen is. I'd actually say online I see more bias against Shounen, but all the labels indicate is what kinda magazine the manga was featured in. Reminder that K On is considered a Seinen while Devilman was considered a shounen.

Anime fans tend to have a certain hard mentality though, and tend to be turned off against stuff they arent uses to or dont think they're supposed to like. My issue is I'd rather discuss older classics than what's new and hot but a lot of anime fans are biased against anything they consider old which can mean it aired over five years ago.