Why are we as a society so hard to please?

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You may have seen this pic I'm about to describe, it's four pics in one of a man a woman and a donkey, with two observers in background representing society(bare in mind the observers are the same observers in all four of the pics)

Day 1 both man and woman are riding the donkey, the observers say"two people on that donkeys back, poor thing.

Day 2 woman rides donkey man walks alongside, observers say"how stupid is he letting woman ride donkey alone"

Day 3 man rides donkey woman walks, observers say"how cruel he is letting the woman walk"

Day 4 both man and woman walk alongside the donkey, observers say"fools don't even know how to utilise the donkey"

I think this is a true representation of a lot of people in society no matter what they will always find something to complain about. No matter how many different ways things are done by governments,bosses of employment, schools, hospitals, even down to friends and family they will always find fault, and be judgemental in the way others do things. Why is that?

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first step to improving anything is finding fault in the current situation.

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Because most of us have lived the easy life compared to at least three-quarters of the world's population, and so we have grown accustomed to feeling we are entitled to always having better things.

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Because of human nature, when we acquire something we want to acquire even more and then more. We grow accustomed to having things and so we try to gain even more. The problem lies in the fact that we develop to the point where we can never have to much. We become entitled and we require more and more to make us happy. Possessions cannot give us lasting happiness.

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@geniobastardo: I'm not talking about me personally being judged and complained about, I'm saying why do we as a society and as individuals complain so much?

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because humanoids in 1st world country are compulsive Divas

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@hippiesanta: lol

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Why do you care? My mother has a saying: "No se queje si no se queja". Which boils down to that sometimes shit doesn't get done if no one complains/protest. Since no ones protest/complains things must be ok, right? Wrong. So if you don't wanna complain good for you, but let others be.

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@Master_Live: wtf are you talking about? Did you not understand the pic I described? No! well let me explain it to you in simple terms, ready? Ok so the observers(society) in the pics moaned and complained about all the different ways the donkey was used, the observers are the same observers in each scenario "the same" no matter what way the donkey was used they had something negative to say about it, so that was my point that this is what some people are like. So I don't know what your talking about, I'm all for protesting about things that are not fair and protesting against things that are wrong. The people that protest are the game changers, the people that bitch and complain are the ones that are never happy no matter what. I don't know why you hate me. Just saying

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@geniobastardo: that is part of the answer but it's not THE answer. I think hippiesantas answer was pretty good.

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I noticed it too. It's like in video games. People love their generation but when it's over and on to the next generation they talk about how the old systems suck and they need new. Like now there is PS4 and a lot of PS4 fanboys say the hell with PS3. I think people are so disrespectful and ungrateful in many ways. That was obviously a random example. But people complain about EVERYTHING.

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@geniobastardo: what's up with you? You miserable person, why should I go figure it out myself when I have all these lovely people(except for you) on this forum to ask their opinions of. You go figure out why your such a douche. Incase you didn't realise this is a off topic "discussion" forum if you don't want to discuss things don't comment at all ok. Cheers

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@comp_atkins: you don't get it either, the whole point to the picture is that some people will moan and bitch no matter how things are done they will never be happy. So your comment "first steps to improving something is finding fault" has nothing to do with the point I'm trying to make.

I'm all for fighting/protesting for change for the better, but that's not what this thread is about.

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I'm old enough to know there's no pleasing everyone. So, I just do my own thing being mindful of where I am. I'm prudent enough to watch myself if I'm in another country just in case someone there might take offense.

By the same token, if that same person takes offense about my actions in my home country, I'd tell that person to F-off. He's not in his home country anymore.

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Because there is a variety of people and personalities in the world that have different viewpoints on how things should be. Its called individuality. Of course you're gonna see a variety of people who aren't content with the way things are...

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@tocool340: I thought this thread would be simple for people to understand I guess I wrote it wrong, I'm not talking about different people complaining about different things, the people in the pic I described were the same people in every pic and each time the same people were not happy with how the donkey was being used no matter how the donkey was used the same people had something negative to say. I know the concept of not pleasing everyone all of the time that's not the point I'm trying to make. The point I'm making is that some people will moan no matter what changes occur, they just like to moan, there never happier than when there moaning.

I've edited the opening statement to this thread so hopefully people will get the point I'm trying to make.

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It's a bad analogy because nobody ever actually acts like that.

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@geniobastardo: wow you get off by annoying people on over the internet? How sad indeed

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There are too many of us, simple as that. If you want to please everyone then there will be someone who objects to this meaning you will never please everyone. It's similar to video game publishers who want to "appeal to a wider audience" when in fact that wider audience doesn't want their crap game so they appeal to no one.

The analogy you use would also be true if both the man and the woman had a donkey each as then people would be annoyed at them having two donkeys when they themselves don't.

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IMO most of Western society (myself included) are entitled little shits use to a cooshy life.

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@Brain_Duster: are you being intentionally dumb? Or do you live in a perfect world?

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@ariabed said:

@geniobastardo: wow you get off by annoying people on over the internet? How sad indeed

You make a thread about people complaining too much and now you're the one complaining about how everyone's responding... Hmmm... There's a word for that... What is it again?

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@IMAHAPYHIPPO: yeh irony, it's just frustrating that most people are missing the point I'm making.

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@ariabed said:

@IMAHAPYHIPPO: yeh irony, it's just frustrating that most people are missing the point I'm making.

But you're representing the perfect example for why people behave the way they do online without even realizing it. People complain and bitch and start arguments because most people don't understand how to accept anything other than exactly what they believe and want. You read something you don't want to hear, and you've immediately gone on the attack against people who aren't agreeing with you. If you really want the answer to your question, ask yourself why you're reacting this way to adverse comments in this thread. Whatever reason you have for responding the way you have as opposed to something along the lines of, "Hmm, I suppose I didn't look at it like that," is the answer to your question.

People complain because they believe they shouldn't accept anything other than exactly what they want to hear. It's called being unreasonable, and you're exhibiting the very behavior you can't understand.

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because cable t.v. sucks.

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@IMAHAPYHIPPO: I don't thinks so. If you create a thread you want people's opinions on the points your trying to make, what you don't want is them having opinions on points you haven't even made. I've had comments like "why do you care what people say" that has nothing to do with the point I'm making.

Another comment said something like"people are different you can't please everyone" I know that, I'm not stupid, that is also not the point I'm making.another guy said something like "people complain to sort out problems and if I don't want to complain that's fine, but let others be" wtf, I know all that, and also that's not the point of my thread at all. It seems like you don't get it either, if people would get the point I'm trying to make I would stop moaning, where as if I was like the people in my discription I would still moan if people were getting the point I'm making.

Anyway I edited my opening statement so people would better understand the point I'm making.