Who's is an Engineer/Engineering Student?

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#1 Posted by GaTech_Halo (26 posts) -

Roll call yo. Who here be an ENGINEER

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#3 Posted by slipknot0129 (5832 posts) -

You ever watched Resident Evil.

Pretty much that.

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#5 Posted by Zelda99 (767 posts) -

I'm in the engineering program at my university but i'm not going to graduate anytime soon

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#6 Posted by wii60_3 (2017 posts) -

Elec/Bio eng here

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#7 Posted by WAJ (762 posts) -

Engineering Geologist for the past 9 years.

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not me but my younger brother.... he's richer than me now

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yup EE/CSE did logic design for server memory asics for a while, work w/ SSDs now.

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Does computer science count?

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#11 Posted by Praisedasun (504 posts) -

Electrical engineering here.Just started.

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#12 Posted by paulie69 (373 posts) -

Technician with aspirations of becoming an engineer here :)

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#13 Posted by deactivated-5985f1128b98f (1914 posts) -

@paulie69 said:

Technician with aspirations of becoming an engineer here :)

Cannot encourage you enough to go back and get your BS engineering degree. I started out with a 2 year tech degree, worked for 6 years, then went back and earned my BSEE.

Your pre-degree work experience and some decent grades in engineering school will open many opportunities for you to earn a very good living with your brain, instead of your back.

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#14 Edited by mjorh (6742 posts) -

Hail to the king : Mechanical Engineering !

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#15 Posted by nomsayin (1346 posts) -

Georgia Tech hmmmmm

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#16 Posted by RadecSupreme (4824 posts) -

Computer Science/Software engineering student.

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#17 Posted by coolbeans90 (21305 posts) -

working on finishing undergrad

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#18 Posted by Gaming-Planet (19215 posts) -

@slipknot0129 said:

You ever watched Resident Evil.

Pretty much that.

Genetic engineering?

Licker please. <3

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@kraken2109 said:

Does computer science count?

CS is part of engineering.

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Toot! Toot!