Who is your favorite sports team?

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#1 Posted by Jd1680a (5958 posts) -

Any team in any sport. Who is your favorite sports team?

My team is the Portland Trail Blazers.

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#2 Posted by 35cent (934 posts) -

Mine's Liverpool (English Premier League)

In F1, either Ferrari or Mclaren

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#3 Edited by themajormayor (25726 posts) -

Maccabi Tel Aviv

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Chelsea FC, Inter Milan, and the Toronto Raptors.

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New York Yankees, Vancouver Canucks, Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks.

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#6 Posted by Mo-licious (602 posts) -

Green Bay Packers

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#7 Posted by Praisedasun (504 posts) -

Olympiakos and Tottenham Hotspur.

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It's tough to narrow it down to one.

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#9 Posted by Flubbbs (4964 posts) -

im a big time college football fan.. Tennessee Volunteers

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#10 Posted by cain006 (8625 posts) -

San Antonio Spurs

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#11 Posted by AFBrat77 (26500 posts) -

The Boston Red Sox

They have been my favorite team since 1969 when I was 8 years old.

And they are the 2013 World Series Champs! Woot!

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#12 Posted by 187umKILLAH (1414 posts) -

South Sydney Rabbitohs, Australian rugby league.

Even though I'm a New Zealander (like co-owner Russel Crowe) ever since living in Australia for a few years as a kid I always supported them.

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#13 Posted by TacticalDesire (10713 posts) -

I always grew up a huge Florida Gators fan, and despite the fact that I decided not to go there for school they are still my favorite sports team (luckily my college never plays them lol).

Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Boston Red Sox would follow.

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#15 Posted by The-Apostle (12195 posts) -

*Points to avi/sig*

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#16 Posted by sukraj (27617 posts) -

Derby County - Football Team based in the UK.

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INTER MILAN! because the president now is an Indonesian,see I told you it's never impossible to say that even an Indonesian would have owned a foreign football club


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Manchester United FC

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#19 Posted by Ugalde- (3711 posts) -


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Toronto Maple Leafs. GO! LEAFS! GO!

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#21 Posted by brimmul777 (3582 posts) -

I know their not a good team,but I have been Calgary Flames fan since 1988.

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@The-Apostle said:

*Points to avi/sig*

Chicago Bears?

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#23 Posted by Hiddai (6129 posts) -

@themajormayor said:

Maccabi Tel Aviv

Same! :)

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#24 Posted by Solid_Link22 (5698 posts) -

Lakers all day err day

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#25 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26735 posts) -


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#26 Posted by DarthGumballs (226 posts) -

Baltimore Ravens and Orioles. Also Tiger Woods.

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#27 Posted by Braun_Roid_Rage (790 posts) -


Texas mofos.

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For basketball probably the Thunder/Lakers

I'm betting @Allicrombie that hers is the same.

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#29 Posted by one_plum (6516 posts) -

Overall: Montreal Canadiens

Now: Anaheim Ducks

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@one_plum said:

Overall: Montreal Canadiens

Now: Anaheim Ducks

That Montreal New Years Eve game was AWESOME!

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#31 Posted by one_plum (6516 posts) -

@thegerg said:

@one_plum said:

Overall: Montreal Canadiens

Now: Anaheim Ducks

That Montreal New Years Eve game was AWESOME!

I didn't watch tbh, but I read their meltdown and penalty fest in the third period.

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#32 Edited by LJS9502_basic (163308 posts) -

Pittsburgh Penguins......number one no doubt.

Pittsburgh Steelers for football. But I prefer hockey.

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#33 Posted by plageus900 (2464 posts) -

I only cheer for myself.

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#34 Edited by Cynical_Buzzard (226 posts) -

St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Blues
Baltimore Ravens
New Orleans Pelicans
LSU Tigers

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#35 Posted by Bane_09 (3394 posts) -

@plageus900 said:

I only cheer for myself.

Smart man

Denver Broncos, I don't watch football that often though. The only sport I follow closely is MMA and there aren't teams in the same sense as other sports

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#36 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

Juventus (Serie a)

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also the D-backs and Minnesota Vikings

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#38 Posted by redstorm72 (4646 posts) -

Montreal Canadiens. Being a Quebecois, I am legally obligated to live and breath for the Habs. It helps that they are one of the most successful sports franchises of all time.

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#39 Posted by M8ingSeezun (2185 posts) -
  • Knicks
  • Yankees
  • Giants
  • Rangers
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#40 Posted by Treflis (13432 posts) -

Stavanger Oilers ( Ice Hockey )

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#41 Posted by chaoscougar1 (37597 posts) -

Dallas Mavs

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#42 Posted by ChiefvsGordon (1085 posts) -

SF Giants

Oakland Raiders

Goldenstate Warriors

San Jose Sharks

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#43 Posted by ferrari2001 (17763 posts) -

Kansas City Chiefs! Time to beat us some Indianapolis Colts!

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#44 Posted by Big_Pecks (5973 posts) -

Pittsburgh Steelers.

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#45 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -

Football is the only sport I really follow.

College - Ohio State

Pro - 49ers

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Dallas Mavs

Dallas Cowboys

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@themajormayor said:

Maccabi Tel Aviv

Why not Beitar Jerusalem

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#48 Posted by boonetown (90 posts) -

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#49 Posted by themajormayor (25726 posts) -

@GazaAli said:

@themajormayor said:

Maccabi Tel Aviv

Why not Beitar Jerusalem

Ssince I don't live there I don't really have any special reason to prefer one Israeli team to another. So I just root for the best one. As long as it's not a team that starts with Hapoel.

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#50 Edited by LexLas (7270 posts) -

Footbal - SF 49ers / Baseball SF Giants / Other Baseball Oakland A's

I like other teams too, but them be me favorite ..