Who is most beautiful actress currently in your eyes OT?

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#1 Posted by carljohnsonCJ (505 posts) -

Ana de Armas


P.S : Dont go into posting semi nude pics of any actresses OT.

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#3 Posted by br0kenrabbit (16139 posts) -

Currently I don't know but back in the day I had a crush on Jill from Home Improvement.


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#4 Posted by warmblur (2814 posts) -

I like Carly Chaikin from Mr. Robot.

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#5 Posted by Sevenizz (4019 posts) -

I hate to say it because I don’t think she’s all that great of an actress and her upcoming Charlie’s Angels looks kinda dull - but Kristen Stuart would be my pick.

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#6 Posted by uninspiredcup (34401 posts) -

Priyanka Chopra I guess.

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#7 Posted by DaVillain- (37581 posts) -

Only Brie Larson is the correct answer.

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#8 Posted by Horgen (120925 posts) -

Ana De Armas is quite nice in BladeRunner 2049, that's for sure. Elizabeth Olsen, Gal Gadot are two others. Difficult to choose between them.

As long as the discussion remains polite and respectful, I see no reason to lock it.

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#9 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4930 posts) -

In that case, Karen Gilan, Alicia Vikander, and Gemma Arterton.

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#10 Posted by uninspiredcup (34401 posts) -

Not sure i'd classify her as "beautiful", at least not in the traditional sense, but Elisabeth Moss just popped up on TV in that show Handmaiden Tale, and she has a really striking face.

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#11 Posted by johnd13 (9773 posts) -

Margot Robbie and Kate Beckinsale are both gorgeous.

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#12 Posted by thehig1 (7330 posts) -

@davillain- said:

Only Brie Larson is the correct answer.

Was just about to say this

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#13 Posted by Gaming-Planet (20010 posts) -

Kristen Stewart is pretty hot with her 1000 cock stare.

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#14 Posted by Vaidream45 (2010 posts) -

I have a huge crush on Scarlett Jo

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#15 Posted by brimmul777 (4117 posts) -

I don't know her name, but the brunette from 2 broke girls.

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#16 Posted by Speeny (1887 posts) -

Well, growing up I had crushes on both Hillary Duff & Christina Ricci.

But these days, I'll say it's a close tie between Priyanka Chopra & Gal Gadot. They're the first two who come to mind anyway.

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#17 Posted by SolidSnake35 (58919 posts) -

Unfortunately I don't get invested in actresses anymore. They just never gave anything back...