Which movie will be the best?

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Posted by samanthademeste (1553 posts) 3 years, 9 months ago

Poll: Which movie will be the best? (4 votes)

Transformers: Age of Extenction 25%
The Purge: Anarchy 0%
TMNT (2014) 50%
No Good Deed 25%
Ouija 0%

Which movie will be the best?

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If I see No Good Deed, I'll have to see it at the theater that's gonna have more black people, in hopes of a vocal audience that's all like "don't go in that room the killer is coming".

I've no desire to see Transformers or TMNT. Commercially though these two probably stand to make the most money.

Ouija, now I like my good cheesy horror flicks but this looks like one of those straight to Netflix bad kind of movies that only garners 1 star.

The Purge, could be okay, just okay, probably nothing great but potentially decent.

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Where is none of the above as a selection?

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The Purge Anarchy

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@SaintLeonidas said:

purge it up bruv

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I don't know.

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Hopefully it will be Turtles

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I've only heard of the first two. I'm not particularly interested in either. Hercules should be good though.

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None of the above.

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My God, movies are shitty these days.