Which make for better gift?

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Posted by X_Karen_x (500 posts) 2 months, 26 days ago

Poll: Which make for better gift? (7 votes)

Baseball bat (W/glove and ball) 43%
Hockey Stick (W/puck and net) 57%
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#1 Posted by X_Karen_x (500 posts) -

Nephew is too much game. It time to delegate game time and it seem like good idea to introduce sport to him. Problem with sport is so worry about injury which why I think he been baby for so long.

So which better to get as gift? These two idea l like because it allow for practice away from friend which mean it can replace some gaming time.

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Does your nephew have ice skates for hockey?

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#3 Posted by DaVillain- (35548 posts) -

I voted Hockey Stick (W/puck and net) and Hockey is more fun to play then Baseball & I always find Baseball to be very boring due to Baseball has the longest seasons.

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#4 Posted by mrbojangles25 (43569 posts) -

Everyone should know baseball as a kid. I mean, c'mon.

Unless you're in an area where hockey is a thing, like Minnesota or something. Although I did have a lot of fun playing street hockey as a kid.

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#5 Posted by shellcase86 (4330 posts) -

If you're concerned about injury, go with the baseball gift for your nephew.

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#7 Posted by lensflare15 (6652 posts) -

I'd say give him both. I had all kinds of sports equipment as a kid, and I spent a lot of time outside trying them all out. It's a good way to figure out which sports you like playing best.

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#8 Posted by Defancy (3 posts) -

it alll depends on whay he would like more. drop subtle hints to figure it out.