Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego? Why on Netflix and a new series of course!

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Not exactly a fan of the animation style just yet, but the show looks interesting enough that I'll definitely check it out and I'm sure I'll get used to this animation style since it's the popular thing nowadays. I'm interested to see how this show plays out. It's not what I was expecting for a new Carmen Sandiego, but I am intrigued. Also about Carmen Sandiego, I grew up with the original cartoon series back in the 90's, I didn't even realize the original cartoon was based on a PC video game until many years after it ended, so I never ever played the game at all.

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@davillain-: I only knew about the game because it was on my primary school computers never knew it was a show though. I just don't like how they made her a good guy, but that's Netflix.

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I played a version of the game on my parents' old computer back in the early 90's. I wasn't very good at it as a kid, but I remember it taught me how to spell the word "receive", and was really different to play from a lot of early PC/DOS games. Carmen was a really interesting villain character, and you always wanted to catch her but were also kind of rooting for her in a way because she was the world's greatest jewel thief.

From what I remember of the FOX Kids cartoon show it was pretty good. But I haven't seen it in probably over 20 years. I seem to remember it fleshed out more of Sandiego's story that hadn't really been talked about in the game.

Why has modern animation come to this?

EDIT: Oh yeah, and nobody mentioned the PBS gameshow! I watched that a lot as a kid.

I see the premise of this show is that Carmen is stealing stuff so that VILE can't. Kinda interesting, but I think they're making her out to be a heroine too much. It takes away too much of the mystery and intrigue.