Where have you been, where do you want to go and why?

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I've been all over western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Canada. Plus I've been to many states in the USA. I've also been to a lot of museums.

I'd love to go back to Japan, because I went there when I was little. All I remember is Japanese schoolgirls crowding me because they thought I was cute. I'd also like to go to the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas or PAPA (another mecca of pinball) in Pennsylvania.

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I've been all over Canada and the US. I've been to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

I'd like to check out Japan. I would like to see Europe, maybe 20 years ago. Maybe once/if I get loaded in cash, I'd check out Europe. No plans to ever go to Africa or the Middle East.

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I've been to most of the states in the US. Been to Canada, Carribean, Taiwan, Australia, many countries in Europe. Was supposed to visit South America, but the trip fell through. Shall retry in future. Love to see that region of the world. Would love to visit mainland China at some point.

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Only ever traveled to the Netherlands and Germany (though it was only for a day and I spent it at Gamescom). At some point I'd like to visit Japan and South Korea as I find Asian culture to be really fascinating. I would also love to travel to the UK, France and other parts of Europe in general. Hopefully, I'll be able to go to Switzerland this fall since a close friend recently moved there.

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I can't tell where I've been. Less than 10 countries. But I'd like to see Japan, Vietnam, Ireland, Austria, and a particular village in the USA.

And why...

I guess, it's because a dark something in me wants to tell me that the world can be different. That it can feel meaningful. That maybe it'll feel real if I surround myself with it. With places that draw me in. Maybe life will feel meaningful if I see more of it. That maybe I'll find a place that feels right to me, like I belong there. And I'm worried that I might miss out on something great. I blame anime, really. There are stories in some of those anime movies that have formed cracks in my bubble. Things that hurt me some place deep. They make me wonder if there are people out there who have deeply emotional experiences and relationships with one another, that can ultimately be seen as good. I don't really experience life that way. It makes me wonder if I'm even alive. And if I should be. Being with people could maybe help me reach my potential. Should I be emotionally invested in them? In my projects? Should I be emotionally involved with people? I don't think so, since I've always been bad at handling stuff like that. Besides, don't you want to be able to let go of everything with a certain ease? I'm unconvinced, but I can't deny I'm curious. All I know is, it's starting to itch.

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I live in Canada, but I’ve traveled here very little. I live just outside Toronto and I’ve been all around the south and north of here - Ive been to Quebec a few times also. Internationally I’ve been to the US hundreds of times (Buffalo and Niagara are only as hour or so away). Vacation wise I’ve been to Las Vegas four times (doing my fifth in August), Florida and LA once. I’ve been to Mexico three times, Dominican Republic and Sweden once. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, but I’ve heard the the recent migrant invasion has made it unsafe and inhospitable.

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Been to less than 8 countries but would like to visit Japan and the USA.

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I don't really care about going anywhere in particular. If I had to choose anything I guess it would involve seeing certain species of animals or plants.

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I've lived in four German cities, five United States and Brussels, Belgium. I really have no interest in traveling. Doesn't seem fun by myself. In fact, it seems more trouble than it's worth alone.

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Not very much interest in going abroad.

I would like to visit Stirling again, which is like, 7 miles away.

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I've been to the past but I want to go to the future because time only moves in one direction so I have no choice :P.

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I've been to Florida twice and to be honest I hated it both times. Never really been anywhere else, I live in western Canada and haven't had a vacation /time off since 2001. Nothing works out for me to often, my escape is games on my day off work and iPod before work. My mom has stage 4 Cancer and I doubt she'll make it through the summer. Maybe one day I can get some enjoyment in going somewhere, not just yet. Hoping right now that my mom doesn't go through much pain in her final months. To sum it up I have a very dull life.

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been to all but 3 states ( alabama, louisiana, alaska ), canada, mexico, french polynesia, caribbean, and a little bit of europe ( england, france, italy, sweden ). tons of places i'd like to visit still. would love to go to asia / australia, just a matter of making travel a higher priority.

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@Sevenizz said:

I’ve been to Mexico three times, Dominican Republic and Sweden once. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, but I’ve heard the the recent migrant invasion has made it unsafe and inhospitable.

You should stop getting your information from shady websites and fear mongering racists. Some education would be good for you. I mean you're obviously stupid enough to not know that Sweden is in fact in Europe.

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Being a navy brat, I've traveled and lived in many countries. I've also been to many shitholes I don't care to visit again. Where I live now is somewhat okay. But, I prefer to live once more at Lake Tahoe.

If there's any place where I want to spend my vacation (again)? Antalya, Turkey. I love vacationing there.

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I've always been interesting in visiting Tokyo and New York. I've been following the knicks for a while and would like to catch a game or 2 whilst there. Yes I know they're currently garbage. I've always been interested in the gaming scene in Tokyo.

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Where have I been: Western Europe, Japan, Vietnam, Italy, Hawaii, and a few of the states in the US (Oregon, South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland).

Where do I want to go: some of East or "South East" Europe, specifically the Croatian area (correct name) with their forests and coastline.

Greece sounds pretty inviting, I'd probably rent a boat and float around to the different islands. Not sure if it's like a state park, but it'd be fun to rent a kayak and go camping on a different small island every other day. My mom went to Turkey and loved it, I think I would too. I'd probably make that into one trip, hit up Croatia, Greece, then Turkey.

Eventually I want to do a "North Europe" trip and travel to one (or all) of the Scandinavian places like Norway, Sweden, or Finland. Then make my way over to Scotland by boat to check out some castles and the highlands. After that I'd hit up the Netherlands, then find my way down to Belgium where I would drink beer for a week straight.

I have a couple friends that went to Iceland. It sounds lovely. Fun fact: most volcanically active place in the world!

Would love to find myself going back to Japan again.

China also sounds interesting.

As far as the US goes, I need to explore my own country a bit more. Would love to go to Seattle, Chicago, New York, Boston with some stops in between.

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California, Nevada, Louisiana. That's about it.

Going to New York and Jersey over the summer though.

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Born and raised in California.

Been to Nevada, Texas and West Virginia.

Don't want to go anywhere else. Not big on travel. Rather go somewhere close and enjoy my time.

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I've been to France, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Greece, The Netherlands, Morroco, Tanzania, Andorra and Spain. Actually get over to Spain every year or two to visit my mum's side of the family.

I love travelling. Would like to visit every country before I die, but may have to win the lottery or become a pirate for that to happen. :D

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Sterling. It's 7 miles away. The last time I was there was when I visited the castle with the school, when I was like, 8-9. See Wallace Manument, visit Bannockburn (not the centre looks tacky) have a trip round Sterling Castle. Maybe pick up a woman with extremely low standards.

No interest in going abroad.

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@uninspiredcup: You should visit Wales, we have better castles.

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@mandzilla: Yea, that's because we actually fought the English.

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@uninspiredcup: Nah we were playing the long game, just kick their arses at rugby now. :P

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Living in Lithuania and only have visited Latvia and Estonia.

Really want to visit USA, Japan, Germany, Cuba, Madagascar, Egypt and Columbia.

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Man ya'll get to go on all the vacations. >.>

Well, I've spent most of my life living in two states. I've driven through about 8 other states before in the last decade and stayed in four of them for about 2 or 3 days, and went to Canada once when I was young.

Going on vacations for most Americans is difficult. I mean, some do, much more than I've been able to. Usually really outgoing people that visit concerts, or fairs, or introverted people that go to cons every year. But having the money saved for a trip, and actually having the time off from work to go somewhere for a couple of days makes it something you can't do very often.

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Anyone looking to get someone's perspective on visiting other countries, this guy is attempting them all: https://www.instagram.com/drewbinsky/

I've done many parts of England as that's where I'm from, and Wales. Never been to Scotland, strangely.

In Europe I've done France loads of times, Germany, Greece, Mallorca, Zante, Ibiza, Malta, Belgium.

Outside of Europe I've been to New York, Florida x2 and Dominican Republic.

Really want to visit Australia and New Zealand and more places in North America. Not massively fussed about Asia or South America but if I ever had funds/time then why not.

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Well I guess I might as well answer the rest of the question...

If I could go somewhere, I would like to go to Scotland actually, really the entire UK would be nice. Before those flights of fancy though, it would be nice just to see more of the US.

For probably close to a decade I've wanted to go out West, see more of the country. There's more I could even go and see and appreciate nearby also.

I have always had this thing where I feel like everything is complicated, and I feel like you could easily spend a lifetime in one place and still barely know it.

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I was born and raised in England. I have been to Scotland, US, Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, India, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.

I was denied a visa to Iran back in 2006. Actually I almost could not get into Switzerland (actually they held up all the people who did not have white skin. I actually told the border people to send me back to London).

Currently I spend half my time in Hong Kong and half across the border in China.

China is huge and different areas differ significantly (56 ethnic groups). I hope to go to Yunnan in China sometime this year. It is simply gorgeous there.

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Where I would like to go:

India, Iceland, Ukraine

Especially Iceland. All these the waterfalls, glaciers, lagoons, black sand beaches, mountains, desert, hot springs, old mossy lava fields, quaint little towns and fishing villages, the midnight sun in summer, and the northern lights in winter. I found so many cool places through travel blogs https://travelsites.com/best-travel-blogs/ ... Can't wait travelling there.

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Born in UK. Have been to Morocco, Cyprus, Tunisia when i was a kid. Loved exploring monuments. Most recently went to Scotland for my honeymoon 8 years ago this September.

Not been anywhere since would like to move to Ireland. Maybe visit relatives in Australia..