Where are the regular posters of OT ?

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#101 Posted by PiscesChick93 (10724 posts) -

I still post occasionally, but the forums are very slow now so I don't really have much interest in posting a lot now.

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#102 Posted by Laihendi (5871 posts) -

I have been on TDH, waiting for the new site to stop being really slow and bad.

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#103 Edited by Teenaged (31750 posts) -

I used to try to spam (sensibly) just to get my post count up but now I'm bored to do that, man... real life and all that.

On one hand I like the change because it kinda feels like the place is renewed but the changes themselves make it difficult to keep up with it. I cant even see which threads I've posted in.

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#104 Posted by Chicken453 (2038 posts) -

Haven't posted here much since the new changes. It seems pretty dead compared to how it was before.

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#105 Edited by XilePrincess (13130 posts) -

This is my second post since the change. I really do not like the new format at all and that's why I've more or less quit posting.

I might be here and there occasionally but I doubt I'll post like I used to.