When do you do all your posting?

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What time period do you find yourself posting on the forums?

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Back in the day, around midnight and into the early hours. Nowadays, I just check in for a little after work.

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#4 Posted by OhJayDubya (1172 posts) -

During and after work from time to time, often disappear for a couple of months then come back to see if anything has changed (Nothing does)

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#5 Posted by korvus (10654 posts) -

Anytime I'm feeling bored but sometimes I stop by just to check if anybody has made an interesting thread.

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During work moat of the time.

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Usually during the day, especially now since I'm not working.

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@korvus said:

Anytime I'm feeling bored but sometimes I stop by just to check if anybody has made an interesting thread.

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Could be anytime but traditionally the daytime. I started posting when I worked overnights and had that shift for years, and than when I became unable to work the pattern just set.

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In the morning when I wake up and just before bed, so that might explain why I chat so much shit lol

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At work, usually. When I finish something and I am reluctant to move on to the next thing to do, just yet.

this is in general terms, obv. This place is too shit for me to post in regularly anymore.

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#12 Posted by hippiesanta (10299 posts) -

when there's no content on IGN, facebook and whatsapp .....

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Whenever I'm bored which is often. Once I reach 2000 post I'll stop posting and revert back to lurking for a couple of years, then go for 3000.

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I post here randomly since the community here is pretty much dead.

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@Iszdope: haha that explains a lot :-P

Usually post when I am excited over something my real friends don't care about

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#16 Posted by tocool340 (21105 posts) -

Whenever there's an interesting topic to post in. Otherwise, I lurk...

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#17 Posted by JustBeingFrank (735 posts) -

I rarely ever post. I tend to visit Gamespot for their news, reviews, videos, etc.

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#18 Posted by RenegadePatriot (20815 posts) -

I tend to post randomly since I visit this place randomly these days.

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Only when I'm feeling the buzz, specially when someone interesting is posting around.

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i do my rounds of OT, /b/, /gif/, /tv/, /wsg/

so i check in here usually every hour or so.

if an interesting topics pops up, ill post in it.

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@Iszdope said:

Mowstly when I'm drunk.


Used to be when I was stoned, but I gave that shit up about six months ago.

Good times.

I see.

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#22 Posted by VaguelyTagged (10701 posts) -

1-3 AM.

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#23 Posted by sukraj (27233 posts) -

In the morning