What's your worst experience dealing with mail carriers?

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(Hopefully I'm allowed to post a topic like this.)

Here in Australia we have Australia Post. Most of the time the mail carriers are pretty lousy but I've established a decent relationship with mine so he tends to make sure my stuff arrives okay.

When I've imported stuff from the states/UK most things have arrived fine. When I ordered something from Germany around Christmas 2014 it unfortunately got lost in transit though. The seller didn't believe me and it was a battle and a half to get a refund.

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Probably my worst dealing with mail carriers is when I place an order from Amazon when it comes to buying gaming PC components, they will sometimes ship different carriers and it's hard to to see my place order come on time cause most of the times, they get shipped to the wrong person, I have to track it down when that happens and I gotta wait another week for it be deliver at my house. And this is why I pick up with my receipts. Here in the Untied States, we have good to worst mail carriers depending on where you live of course, they can get the address wrong at times.

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Worst experience is the "attempted" home delivery. I was home the whole day, no one came.

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We've had good service at our area. My only grumble is my neighborhood seems to be at the bottom of the list. Most of my stuff arrive just when it's getting dark (after I spent the day waiting).

Our mailbox has a locked compartment for small packages like say, a video card or motherboard. That's no problem. But, if I have a sizable quantity of packages, they get delivered to our house and I have to wait at home.

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I get everything ordered to work.

We give our delivery people drinks and food to keep them happy. Never had any problems.

When I see people delivering packages to my neighbors they usually walk about halfway to the house and chuck the packages onto the porch. I cringe every time.

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I walked to my mail box once and there was nothing in it. Wasted all that energy for nothing.

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@heathen75: Hahah, yep...I can relate.

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No bad experiences.

Unless you count my dad, who was a letter carrier. he can be a real bastard sometimes lol

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@mrbojangles25: It’s hard job. But I do appreciate it when they take care with it all. Lol

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On trac by far. Never used them for personal items, but the several of the vendors we use for heavy equipment parts do and it is fairly common that parts won't be shipped or are shipped to the wrong city. They must be cheap AF because there is no way they would be competitive otherwise.

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UPS slapped a huge customs brokerage fee on some jewelery I bought for my sister, didn't tell me about it, then threatened to sue me. I mean if I owe you money please just tell me when you deliver it to me.