Whats your smurf name?

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#1 Posted by KiIIyou (27180 posts) -

If you were a smurf, and I assume only like 2% of you are, but if you were what would you be called?

For me, I, I'd wanna be called Jingly Smurf, on account of I keep jingles in my bingles

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#2 Posted by Jd1680a (5958 posts) -

I would be known as Douchebag Smurf.

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#3 Posted by HailtotheQueen (290 posts) -

I thought you meant smurfing in games. LOL

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#4 Posted by Shadowchronicle (26969 posts) -

@hailtothequeen said:

I thought you meant smurfing in games. LOL


I was like "why would I put smurf in my username if I don't want people knowing I'm a smurf".

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#5 Posted by KiIIyou (27180 posts) -
@hailtothequeen said:

I thought you meant smurfing in games. LOL

hehe I had to look up what that meant

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#6 Posted by sukraj (27268 posts) -

Lazy bones

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#7 Posted by ShepardCommandr (4824 posts) -

Loser smurf

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#9 Posted by indzman (27377 posts) -

nerf the smurf

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#10 Posted by Star0 (451 posts) -

Jo Blu?

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#12 Posted by playmynutz (7876 posts) -

What the smurf

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Awkwardo Smurf

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Panther Smurf

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Since all the smurfs are named after their most apparent quality or characteristic, mine would be history smurf. I know so much history stuff its ridiculous. It's sometimes hard for me to not go full nerd on people if the conversation goes even slightly in that direction.

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Easy Smurf.

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#18 Posted by Mercuria1_King (278 posts) -

The Smurf King

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Comrade Psilocybin Smurf

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Mega Smurf

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Yaoi Smurfette.