Whats your favourite type of meat OT ?

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mmm chicken. Followed by mutton.

wbu ?

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Definitely chicken!

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Pork followed closely by beef.

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Oh man. If I pick beef, there are no BBQ Ribs. If I pick Pork there are no Steaks. I cannot choose. I can tell you it isn't chicken.

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Easily beef, give me a good steak any day.

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Nah man I like them all. Variety is the best.

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@Iszdope said:


oops: and watermelon

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I like how sardines have the crunchy bones in them, like their spine hangs out after I take a bite.

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definitely beef

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Chicken followed closely by pork.

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Cow tongue.

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Beef...I could eat a ribeye steak every day...of course I'd probably die by the time I was 45 as a result. Chicken is a relatively close 2nd. I've never had mutton and would like to try it.

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Chicken. Only meat I don't get sick off of

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Chicken, it's the only meat that doesn't smell like animals.

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Beef, but it's way too expensive these days. It's a treat for me to buy a good steak!

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Turkey followed by chicken.

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@airshocker said:


Oh I forgot about lamb. I would have to mix that in with Turkey and chicken as my favorites. Forgot about it because I haven't had it in awhile.

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1) Chicken

2) Turkey

3) Fish

I've had to cut my red meat consumption down to once every blue moon.

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Chicken is life.

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Infant flesh

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I'm Southern so it's Chicken. Also I love Chicken Livers :-D

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does fish meat count?

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Chicken yum:-)

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Pork - pork chops are my favorite.


Beef steak

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Turkey. I also love chicken.

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@airshocker said:


Love me a good roasted lamb or some barbecued lamb chops. I still like other meats though, chicken, beef, veal, etc.

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Had the most delicious Mexican style BBQ'd aubergine cubes, lamb chops and quarter chicken a few moments ago, but to answer your question, I'd have to say lobster or veal, but I love all types of tropical fish too so it depends.

I just love food xD

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Don't you people tired of beef, pork, chicken..?!

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Raw salmon (served sashimi or nigiri with sake), short loin/sirloin/tenderloin beef served rare (with a good single malt scotch) and BBQ chicken (served with a good light ale).

Also, I'm becoming more and more fond of smoked chicken (like that of Famous Dave's). The way the meat absorbs the flavour is outstanding.

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Beef, Pork, Chicken, Salmon