What’s the longest time you’ve gone without sleep?

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#51 Posted by Dariency (9416 posts) -

About 40 hours. I have bad anxiety which sometimes gives me bouts of insomnia. If I don't sleep I get real paranoid and depressed, but other than that I can still function.

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#52 Posted by deactivated-5c3254787e106 (16 posts) -

38 Hours. This summer I had such a bad sleeping schedule that I spent a whole night awake so I can sleep on time.

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#54 Edited by Dakalo (7 posts) -

Like 48 hours, me and some frineds participated in the Ludum dare game jam 3 years ago, it was very cool, but it can be hard at times.

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#56 Posted by qx0d (333 posts) -

Probably almost 2 days.

You can't go without sleep, though. It wouldn't physically work.

I once heard you can dream while awake. So you might sleep without even knowing it.