What's the logest amount of time you have stayed awake?

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#1 Posted by dallas_cowboys3 (5549 posts) -
I stayed up around thirty.....five hours a few times. Then I get sick and go to bed.
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#2 Posted by inyourface_12 (14757 posts) -
2 days
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#3 Posted by yamum2 (5879 posts) -
33 hours
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#4 Posted by Fortier (7728 posts) -
Slightly over 72 hours, just to win a stupid bet. I won though, which is all that mattered to me...
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#5 Posted by adi0sk8t3r (1191 posts) -
About 48 hours.
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#6 Posted by SolidSnake35 (58756 posts) -
Around 36 hours. I basically just missed a night a sleep. I've done that twice.
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#7 Posted by dodgerblue13 (20846 posts) -
24 hours cause I love sleep.
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#8 Posted by KiIIyou (27180 posts) -
Around three days, i kept pretty busy so it wasn't that big of a deal until i stared to go blind, that's when i made myself go to sleep.
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#9 Posted by Nick11478 (1628 posts) -
Around 30 hours.
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#10 Posted by pokeracc (2198 posts) -
A little more than 50 hrs. Felt not to bad though (okay ya i felt like crap im just trying to feel like a big man  )
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#11 Posted by formula1racer (6075 posts) -
3 days(marine corps boot camp)
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#12 Posted by Frogman929 (2424 posts) -
i would say somewhere between 30 and 40 hours. then i passed out.
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#13 Posted by en-z-io (3390 posts) -
~23 hours. I've never actually stayed up a full 24 hours before.
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#14 Posted by jerami (1676 posts) -
The night the xbox360 came out I camped (after a long day beforehand) all night (store opened at 8am, not midnight) then went directly to school the next day. After school I gamed until about midnight... That was about 42 hours....but it was great!
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#15 Posted by hokey-pokey18 (3258 posts) -
About 36 hours.
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#16 Posted by TarnishedSoul (12151 posts) -
24 hours or so.
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#17 Posted by AngelsFan32 (2179 posts) -
A day.
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#18 Posted by TiJoe6 (1001 posts) -
2 days
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#19 Posted by andrewtyen (4555 posts) -
30 hours