What's some of your favourite genres of music?

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#1 Posted by Speeny (1863 posts) -

This topic would have been posted numerous times over the years but here's to another one. Lol

I like Pop/Pop-Rock/Funk/R&B & Soul/Alternative-Rock & some Hip-Hop stuff too.

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#2 Posted by MosquitoBaby (74 posts) -

1. Classic Rock, except glam rock.

2. Salsa, Bachata, Merengue - the big 3 latin dance musics

3. EDM, House... love me some of that.

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#3 Posted by warmblur (2758 posts) -
  • Industrial rock
  • Late 80's and 90's gangsta rap
  • Grunge
  • Classic Rock
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Honestly, just about anything that isn't Country, or Rap. As a musician I compose music from many different genres, and smash genres together. That said, there is nothing like the heavy stuff. The proficiency of skill of musicianship needed, and the wall of sound it can produce... there is nothing like Metal, (in its many forms) that is my favorite genre.

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#5 Posted by DoomNukem3D (360 posts) -

I like a lot of experimental/avanti garden rock like Frank Zappa, The Residents, This Heat, and Magma. I especially adore krautrock like Can, Neu!, and Faust. Love a lot of electronic music like Kraftwerk, and industrial like Einsturzende Neubauten and Foetus.

Also love post punk like Joy Division, and new wave like Talking heads. Listen to a good bit of hardcore punk like Rudimentary Peni and Husker Du. Also gotta mention noise rock like Les Rallisez Denudes and The Birthday Party. Besides that I like a lotta the big classic rock and metal bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and David Bowie. I dont listen to extreme metal near as much as I use to but I still love Voivod, Carcass, and Bathory.

I like a lotta stuff basically.

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#6 Posted by sakaiXx (5888 posts) -

Pop and hiphop. I am casual as heck

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#7 Posted by Sevenizz (4013 posts) -

I can tolerate most styles except hip hop, rap, and pre 70’s pop.

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#8 Posted by one_plum (6561 posts) -

1. Ambient
2. Post rock
3. Indie rock
4. Contemporary classical
5. Alternative rock

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I like rock, metal, video game music/soundtracks, and some Christian music. I'm open to almost anything except for country and modern pop.

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#10 Posted by thehig1 (7330 posts) -

1. Thrash Metal

2. Heavy Metal

3. Melodic Death Metal

4. Metalcore

5. Power Metal

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I can appreciate most anything. But lately I've been into Industrial.

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Tears for fears

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#13 Posted by DaVillain- (37438 posts) -

I like all type of genre musics except for Gossip. Sorry but I'm not a religion type of guy despite I do believe in God in my own way.

But anyways, these are my favorite genre I listen all the time are: (in this order)

  1. Hard Rock
  2. Metal (that includes all various types if the music is good)
  3. Nu-Metal
  4. Alternative rock & grunge
  5. Classic rock (sometimes but not all the time mind you)
  6. Hip-Hop/Rap that's only in the 90's because hip-hop was the real shit. Not this fake ass what we have now but then again, I'm fine with today's Rap but it ain't nothing like what the 90's gave us.

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#14 Posted by MclarenMaster18 (1616 posts) -
  1. Retrowave
  2. Trance
  3. Techno
  4. Eurobeat
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I can listen to most genres but Alternative is my favorite with all the sub-genres included.

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#16 Posted by PfizersaurusRex (1244 posts) -

What I like the most is this 2000's nu jazz/broken beat/downtempo wave. And a lot of other similar and not similar genres.

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#17 Posted by with_teeth26 (9587 posts) -

I'm very much a metal-head. I think the world of metal-subgenres is largely ridiculous and stupid, I just listen to the bands I think sound good, which span most metal sub-genres.

outside of metal:


-classic rock

-alternative/experimental/post rock

-hard rock

-some indie/folk music

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#18 Posted by Epak_ (10690 posts) -

Metal as in death, black, thrash, grind etc etc etc.

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Rap, hip-hop, R&B, EDM, DnB, Progressive House, Metal, Alt Rock, Synthwave, Classical Piano.

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#20 Posted by jeezers (3146 posts) -


Prog rock

Hip hop/rap


Jam bands

Outlaw country

Classic rock



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#21 Posted by brimmul777 (4112 posts) -


Hard Rock

Heavy Metal

Punk Rock

Old Country

Classic Rock

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#22 Posted by judaspete (3068 posts) -

Pretty much in this order:

  • Progressive Rock/Metal
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Folk
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#23 Posted by mattbbpl (17343 posts) -

I've stopped thinking in terms of musical genres entirely. The 90s and 00s finished the job of taking the discrete genres and smearing them all together into gradients.

That's a good thing, in my opinion.

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#24 Posted by NathanDrakeSwag (12873 posts) -

Classic Rock


Alternative Rock

Rap (mostly 90s and early-mid 00s)

Country (mostly 80s and 90s and some select stuff from 00s)

And I can enjoy an occasional pop/pop-rock song.

What I really hate is anything with screaming or growling. Death metal, screamo, emo. I'm not religious so I obviously avoid gospel. Don't care for R&B or Jazz either.

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I listen to anything I like, I don't see any reason to limit myself to any particular genres. With that said, my favorites are:

  • Salsa
  • Merengue
  • Reggaetón/Rap
  • Pop
  • Instrumental/orchestra soundtracks: think Ennio Morricone or Hans Zimmer.
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#26 Posted by dracula_16 (14873 posts) -

Power metal, melodic death metal and trance.

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#27 Posted by l34052 (3902 posts) -

I love hip hop, I never left the 90s and thanks to the Internet I'm finding new albums and artists I didn't know about back then.

I also like Zapp, Parliament, Funkadelic etc.

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#28 Posted by Peasly (345 posts) -

Used to love hardcore music but now i can't stand to listen to it. I tend to listen to old 80's compilations, good times for me back then..!! ;)

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#29 Posted by Ring_of_fire (15769 posts) -


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#30 Posted by Robbie23 (381 posts) -

Psycedllic Trance

Old School Death Metal

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#31 Posted by ycdeo (2703 posts) -


Depeche Mode

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#32 Posted by dreamygeek (11 posts) -

I love trance music. And for some reason I still am unable to figure out the type of trance music I like. It's like electronic but it'd not entirely electronic. It's like a mix of electronic and fantasy.