What's one movie that you like that everybody hates?

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Off the top of my head, The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. I don't know what people wanted from the sequels, but I have a feeling it would have been boring and regressive.

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I haven't watched a Nicolas Cage movie I haven't liked. He plays the same guy in every movie, but I like what he does.

Most recent one was Drive Angry. Wasn't what I was expecting, but damn was it a good ride.

Edit: And here's a bit of film blasphemy that will make some cringe, and probably Christopher Lee turn over in his grave, but I enjoyed the Cage "The Wicker Man" more than the original, and despite Lee's own opinion, I definitely don't think it's his best performance.

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@ezekiel43: I recently rewatched the whole trilogy, and while the first is still easily the best the two sequels are much better then I remember. I think what happened is the Matrix was so revolutionary when it released that people were expecting that same level of awe from the sequels, which was impossible.

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@uninspiredcup said:

@ghosts4ever: Amazingly, The Rock is in the artsy fartsy Criterion Collection, which is typically designed for pretentious film students.

Yeah, well, Ozu, Fassbinder, Bergman, Kurosawa, Tati, Fellini, Chaplin, Kieślowski (I could go on.) are all better, more interesting directors than Michael Bay, lol.

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Put Batman Returns up their as well, it's been received well critically on release, but in later years it's sort of been disregarded as a mess and not a good Batman movie, people, , which I agree with, it's barely a Batman movie.

But, it's such a weird, depressing anti-Christmas movie. Visually stunning with an incredible soundtrack. To grow up as a kid and get this type of bizarre stuff was a blessing.

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