What're your favourite comfort foods?

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I think I've started a topic on OT that was similar, but anyway, here's my list that I can think of off the top of my head...and in no particular order...

Salisbury Steak with mushroom gravy & mashed potatoes.

Chicken Paprikash with a hash brown


Seafood Chowder

Fried chicken with creamed corn

Shrimp taco's with some Pico de gallo

Surf & turf

Mac & Cheese

P.S. I'll add more if I think of it.

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#2 Posted by omegaMaster (1229 posts) -

Fried chips, chicken burgers, beef burgers, anything that comes with rice, chicken nuggets, pizzas, roast pork belly.

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Pizza & wings,chip & dip, Ice cream, prime rib, mash potatoes with gravy.

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Lasagna, pizza, pasta with an alavodka sauce, tomato soup with peanut butter sandwiches, banquet burger, BLT, tenderloin steak, french fries. Naturally, all of this in moderation. Every meal can’t be your favourite.

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Pizza. The pizzas from the pizza counter at Sainsbury's are easily the best pizzas I've ever tasted. I could and I would eat pizza every day if it wasn't so bad for me.

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#6 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4777 posts) -

Pizza and hamburgers.

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In N Out

Burgers, burgers, burgers. It's like burger Friday for me if I got long errands to do. No McD or BK though. YUCK.

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Fried chicken and burgers.

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#10 Posted by DaVillain- (36073 posts) -

Any Chicken Sandwich will do me favors.

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Any fast-food is my comfort food.

Pretty much given it all up while loosing weight, won't go bear fast-food again until im confident my self control is in check

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Biscuits and gravy with eggs over easy on top. Don't forget the tabasco and a fat glass of milk.

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Most of what has been mentioned, but also;

-Breakfast, in general (hot/cooked)


-Pasta oriented meals

-Takeout American Chinese food

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Potatoes wedges with melted cheese.

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Chicken nuggets/tenders, pizza, lasagna, mozzarella sticks, cheese curds, fries, some soups, bratwurst, sausage, bacon, macaroni n cheese, fish sticks, breadsticks/cheese sticks, pancakes, etc.

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Any and all forms of alcohol.

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Potatoes in different ways, Rib Eye steak, porkchops, sausages, Big Mac, in fact, most of McDonald's foods. Tim Horton's coffee and donuts, poutines, steamed hot dogs, pogo's with mustard. That's just a part of the foods I eat/drink most of the time.

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#19 Posted by Peasly (289 posts) -
  • Digestive biscuits
  • Galaxy counters
  • Twix bars
  • Madeira cake dipped in Petits Filous

Need to keep the weight on. Tough when have false teeth. :(

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#20 Posted by Speeny (1515 posts) -

@Peasly: Ooo yeah I love a Twix from time to time as well. More into Snickers these days though.

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A good lamb curry with rice! Yums!

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Potato Chips. I love eating potato chips, especially whenever I watch streams of esports matches. Right now, I'm watching Warcraft III matches from last week's WCG 2019 National Qualifiers.

If I happen to not have potato chips, I'd cook some homemade fries or mojos.

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@uninspiredcup said:

That looks interesting.

@bgres077 said:

Any and all forms of alcohol.

That counts as a comfort food?

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Does Whisky count?.... Yeah Whisky counts!

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I'll hae a roast beef plese, also some mashed potatos too, also as well too, please thank you

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@PSP107: The wrapping/box goes along way. It evokes local shops from the 1940/50's.

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@speeny: Oatmeal all the way. There's nothing more comforting and nutritious than oatmeal.

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Fish and fries!!!! Also my drunk food all time fave! HAHAHA

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@brimmul777: ‘steamed hotdogs’

My mouth literally watered when I read that. Now I want to visit Montreal!