What would your animal super power be..?

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An off the wall one for you. If you had the ability of any animal what would it be and why..?

Off the top of my head think mine would be fire ant sting so i can put a little pain in people that annoy me..!!

Yeah i'm evil..!! ;)

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Gonna go with cheetah speed/endurance.

Wait, screw that, running is for suckers. I want to fly. Like an eagle!

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I want the powers of the Mighty Ape's straight!

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Sleep as fast as a cat.

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Why, to fly! Do you really need a reason why?

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Sleeping all day and waking up for food.

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The endurance of mankind.

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Would be nice to have the confidence of a pigeon.

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Motherfucking wings, baby.

Like a hawk.

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The power of the tardigrade. Can survive pretty much everything including space ,lava and extreme pressures. Due to the strength ratio, I would also be super strong and can enter a dormant state if my environment isnt suitable.

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@npiet1: Wow..!!

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Thank you all for your great feedback..