What Smells Do You Like/Dislike..?

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Just chucking a weird one out there. What are the smells that you like and the ones that you reallllllly don't..!

Mine likes are:

  • petrol
  • freshly laid tar (roadworks)
  • nutmeg
  • vanilla

My dislikes are:

  • alcohol (on people the morning after consuming a lot they tend to smell yuk)
  • smoke (from burning things or cigarettes)
  • bleach

Please feel free to leave your smell likes/dislikes.


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I'm with you on petrol. I also like freshly cut grass, almonds and model glue.

I also agree with cigarettes and beer (although I like to drink it). Weed smells disgusting, and I do not like tar!

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Love smell of petrol and jet fuel

Hate the smell of dog farts my dogs farts smell of really stale beer.

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When you open a new book and you smell it

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Napalm in the morning.

Also, food. I quite enjoy good food.

Dislikes? Too many to list.

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There is a paper mill near where I live and it smells like rank pulp. Baby oil and celery also bother me.

I love the smell of good marijuana, books, coffee and chocolate.

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Hates: Pot or any kind of drugs. Beer,wasps, sh*t,toilets in general,tar,a lot of different types of food. B O.

Likes: Gasoline, linen,Mr.Clean,Pine-Sol,Irish Spring,Azzaro Original. Just to name a few likes/dislikes.

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Like the smell of newly opened plastic-ky products, e.g. swimming poop innertube, floaties.

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Things I like to smell:

  • Cook meats coming out from the Grill
  • Gasoline (don't judge me)
  • Black & Mild Cigars (one reason why I hang around my pals who smokes this type of cigar because they smell so damn good)
  • Vanilla lotion
  • Anything with Body Spray for men
  • Wall plugs air freshers.

Things I dislike smells:

  • Cigarettes
  • Beer & Liquor
  • Diesel fuel
  • Smoke coming out from Cars/Trucks
  • Weed smells
  • Chitlins (Pig food)
  • Animals in Farms
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I really enjoy smelling things, it's so closely linked to your sense of taste as well.

The things I dislike most are probably most bodily discharges and odors (urine, feces, vomit, arm pit odor, etc), and a lot of synthetic material stuff.

I also enjoy The Scent of a Woman

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LIKE: Natural scent of a attractive woman's private parts. Smell of rain after a dry spell.

DISLIKE: Smell of rum ( allergic)

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Cigarette smell is horrible. Cigars smell good though. And alcohol smells beautiful.

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That strange cig smoke what I keep smelling. I dont no what it is but think it is weed but not too sure as never smoked it my self but it doesnt smell like normal cig smell and it reeks. Feel like chucking up when I smell it and its getting more and more common. Every time I smell and with some one I always say that's that funny cig smell.

Forum censoring is stupid you cant spell cig the English slang way which I call cigs F A G S as its common in our country. Nothing to do with why the forum is censoring it. lol.

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Like the smell of.

  • Burning leaves and wood
  • Gasoline
  • Weed
  • Chlorine
  • New car smell
  • New game smell
  • Cigarettes
  • Burning steak on a grill

Smells I don't like

  • Shit and piss
  • Dead animals
  • Vomit
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I’m speechless... almost. These forums are. The. Best.

I like all smells. Even open sewers.

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  • Strong perfume
  • Petrol
  • Dog poo that you can't find
  • Gas
  • Cigarettes
  • A bad beer

Like (Too many to list but here's a few...)

  • Onions, garlic, and peppers cooking (Well, anything cooking really.)
  • Old book pages (Weird.)
  • Rum
  • Fresh Mcdonalds fries alongside a fragrant Big Mac
  • Hay
  • Good eggnog on Christmas

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I really enjoy the smells of:

→Spray Paint





I can't stand the smells of:



→Rotting Flesh

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The smell of checkmate!!

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I like:

  • paint
  • petrol
  • wood
  • after rain
  • sweets
  • my cat
  • shampoo
  • new book
  • christmas tree

I don't like:

  • many kinds of perfume
  • detergents
  • fish
  • onion
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The smell of confused stalkers.

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  • Alchohol
  • Cigarete
  • Cum


  • Fart
  • Old people smell
  • Trump supporters
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Fried stuff



My farts







Other people’s farts



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I'm surprised by how many people like the smell of gasoline. Gasoline and the strong smell of it always unnerves me. I hate it when I accidentally get gasoline on my skin and the smell sticks even after thoroughly washing the area.

I do love the smell of weed, though. If I smell it somewhere in public I'm inclined to learn where it's coming from and if those people are friendly enough to share (most stoners are sharers so that's not a hard thing to ask for).

I love the smell of Christmas trees and fresh brewed coffee. I absolutely love the scent of basil. I used to be a chef so every time I handled basil I'd be in a happy place because of its scent.

I think the scent I really can't stand most of all is vomit. If I am near the stench of vomit I might end up vomiting myself because it is so vile. I remember long ago when I was younger and working in retail, someone threw up inside the store and I was asked to clean it up. After my initial attempt and beginning to become sick from it, I ended up refusing to do the job and made someone else do it because it was making me sick.

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Diesel exhaust coming out of a Caterpillar gets me riled up in all the good ways.

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  • charcoal
  • after it rains
  • new-'whatever' smell like cars, books, games
  • Henderson's relish
  • Pine trees


  • Cigarette smoke
  • weed
  • smoke polluting the air like after a forest fire
  • Farm animals
  • stale piss and sweat
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Since I was a child I always like the smell of cigarette smoke but I don't smoke myself.

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@livingdeadman: When I was a kid I used to like the smell of my grandad’s ashtray after it had been emptied. Don’t smoke myself either... ;)

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When the honeysuckle blooms.

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I dislike the smell of shit.

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There’s worse.

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Anything for as long as it's good to the nose.


Many but mainly farts, poop and human beings who haven't bathed in a while.

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the usual foods ( baking cookies, onoin/garlic cooking, meat cooking ), gasoline, gunpowder, "new laptop" (plastic) smell is nice, petrichor, the smell of my daughter's laundry detergent

one smell i really dislike is the smell of limes / lime juice. some plants / bushes in the summer i've noticed smell awful as well.

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@frogo0: I dislike the smell of shit.

Hmmmmm.. Don't know many people who like it to be honest with you..!! ;)

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#36 Posted by DaVillain- (37605 posts) -

@Peasly said:

@frogo0: I dislike the smell of shit.

Hmmmmm.. Don't know many people who like it to be honest with you..!! ;)

The Dune Beetles like the smell of shit in the morning lol.

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Heck of a first post but--

Like: Bacon for the win!!

Dislike: Ammonia

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  • honey
  • fried chicken (used to put it beside me while diving into mantigames. Then I would be motivated to ace the game and treat myself with it at the end)
  • coconut
  • my mom's scent


  • smoke from vehicles and cigarettes
  • alcohol (those who are drunk and their smell...)
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Burning wood

JP-8 (jet fuel baby!)

Freshly laid tar

That green smell during springtime.

Black Markers


Stargazer Lillies





The mill