What music do you listen to while gaming

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this is my favourite right now,

post yours!!

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Death metal, dagnabbit! Possessed and Nocturnus A.D. in the same month has been pleasant.



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I listen to whatever music the game is playing at the time. I don't play video games muted.

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If it's multiplayer, I listen to Taylor Swift. I don't for singleplayer.

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No music sometimes podcasts.

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i only listen to music for a couple multiplayer games - Rocket League and Trackmania 2 usually.

I'll just listen to whatever I feel like... which is usually metal. maybe some higher energy stuff for Rocket League and more chill stuff for Trackmania on average.

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I only listen to whatever music is in the game while I’m playing. I want to focus on the game and enjoy it at its fullest plus I don’t want to miss out on any audio cues, sound effects, voice acting, etc.

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Don't listen to music while playing games, to much of a distraction from gaming.

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I don't usually listen to music while playing games.. Well, I don't play that much like before but now, I'm more into watching gaming streams

*Currently watching WCG's Heartstone Livestream :D

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I can't stand music while playing.

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I don't listen to music while playing games. but I love watching gaming stream videos like WCG regional tournament.

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None. Just the in game music is enough.

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I like to listen any music playing on guitar. It can be Rock or Blues. My top favorite guitarists are https://www.masterguitarguide.com/blog/the-greatest-100-guitarists

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Industrial music lately.

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None. I listen to music from the game I am playing

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Metal songs is the best but not when im playing fps games.

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I'm going back with vocaloid so yeah... :D

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That’s like asking what music I listen to while watching a movie.