What kind of music should you listen to when depressed?

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#1 Posted by the_plan_man (1664 posts) -

Happy or sad? What do you think?

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#2 Posted by korvus (11091 posts) -

Happy or neutral normally. My thinking is, if I'm sad or depressed, I want to snap out of it, and sad/depressing music only makes me wallow in self-pity for longer so I listen to something upbeat and shake it off.

If I'm in a good mood, sad/depressing music doesn't bring me down, so I can still listen to it =)

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#3 Posted by Master_Live (18830 posts) -

I listen to "sad" music.

Mainly stuff like this:

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And this:

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#4 Edited by kingcrimson24 (824 posts) -

Depressive Suicidal Black metal :D

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Crawwwwlliiinnng innnn my skiiiinnnnnn......

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#6 Posted by Gaming-Planet (19211 posts) -

I mostly sleep it off when I'm having my downs.

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It's not what you listen to, it's how you listen to it... and that's all I'm allowed to say on that.

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#9 Posted by xdude85 (6350 posts) -

The Cure.

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#10 Posted by foxhound_fox (97096 posts) -

@Iszdope said:



Pentagram is good.

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#11 Edited by yixingtpot (1484 posts) -

listen to your favorite music, when I got extremely depressed post nervous breakdown in my 20's I literally felt like I couldn't listen to what made me happy, you have to hold onto the things you love most and that's the beginning of pulling yourself out of despair.

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#12 Posted by Serraph105 (32261 posts) -

Happy or even funny songs for sure. Things like "You're my Best Friend" by Queen is good, but a song that can get me laughing is gold. Links to examples.

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#13 Posted by SambaLele (5552 posts) -

Happy or neutral music, but certainly not sad/depressing music.

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#14 Edited by SOedipus (10805 posts) -

Alice in Chains, Audioslave, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Staind, Stone Temple Pilots

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#15 Posted by -Blasphemy- (3358 posts) -
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#16 Posted by VaguelyTagged (10701 posts) -

baroque.in the scale of Bach's ideal complexity, you're going to feel so small and insignificant that your problems won't matter anyone, not even to your own self.

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#17 Posted by WolfgarTheQuiet (483 posts) -

This helps. Find happiness deep inside you. happy music only makes it worse.

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#19 Posted by Shmiity (6099 posts) -

This is kind of odd... but I take my favorite songs, put them into Audicity, and make chipmunk versions of them by pitching them up. Its a weird thing.

Or, you could wallow in your sadness and put The Smiths on.

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#20 Posted by sukraj (27617 posts) -

80's pop music

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#21 Posted by LJS9502_basic (163313 posts) -

@xdude85 said:

The Cure.

Excellent choice. It's the music I listen to anyway. But really listen to what you like TC.

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#22 Posted by brimmul777 (3582 posts) -

AC/DC,Rammstein,Iron Maiden,Ozzy Osbourne,Ramones, just to name a few.

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#23 Posted by KHAndAnime (17565 posts) -

Can't really say my taste in music changes with my mood...

I always want music with some sort of bite to it. You should probably just listen to whatever you feel like. My listening habits usually have me primarily spinning albums I've downloaded in the last few weeks, while occasionally listening to something older I like.

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#24 Posted by macchiatoman (37 posts) -

I'm always listening to musics when i'm home and on a travel it gives me inner peace and it was so relaxing whenever i'm listening to acoustic and love songs. btw guys have you heard about the new server of Rohan name isen? i came back playing the game again because of my friends suggestions and extremely good feedback from players that the new server was really different on the existing servers.

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#25 Posted by thegerg (18425 posts) -

If you're depressed you might want to talk to your doctor about how to deal with it, not a bunch of strangers online. Good luck.

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#26 Edited by Celldrax (15043 posts) -

General thrash and instrumental guitar stuff like Loomis and Becker is my sort of comfort music.

Death metal like Nile, Suffocation, and Dismember played at a high volume when pissed off or feeling a bit down (kinda therapeutic really).

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#27 Edited by WolfgarTheQuiet (483 posts) -

@thegerg: Easier to talk to people who go trough or went trough it than a Doc. Whats he?she gonna do, tell you what they learned at uni and prescribe you some poison anti depressants that will only destroy you in the long run.

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#28 Posted by thegerg (18425 posts) -

@WolfgarTheQuiet said:

@thegerg: Easier to talk to people who go trough or went trough it than a Doc. Whats he?she gonna do, tell you what they learned at uni and prescribe you some poison anti depressants that will only destroy you in the long run.

"Whats he?she gonna do, tell you what they learned at uni and prescribe you some poison anti depressants that will only destroy you in the long run."

Or give you counselling and guidance. You know, like a good doctor does for people suffering from mental illness like depression.

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#29 Posted by chaplainDMK (7004 posts) -

I just listen to what I feel like, and generally I'll feel like listening to depressive stuff.

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#30 Posted by GreySeal9 (28247 posts) -

I prefer instrumental music when I'm feeling down.

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#31 Posted by Wilfred_Owen (20964 posts) -
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Oh its old so fast.

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Any MJ groovy music would do.

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#33 Posted by LostProphetFLCL (18526 posts) -

I like chick rock for some reason when sad. Tune it to Flyleaf radio on Pandora/Last FM and it does me well. It is in general what I listen to when I am working out or trying to focus on writing.

Examples of specific songs:
Flyleaf-All Around Me


The Pretty Reckless-Zombie

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#34 Posted by EPICCOMMANDER (1109 posts) -

Assuming you don't want to feel depressed at that moment, I would listen to something that makes you happy, obviously. That's at least what I would do if I was feeling sad. If you're asking what I would listen to, I'd listen to lighthearted metal like British Steel, or oddly, straight edge/oldschool hardcore punk I've found also works.

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#35 Posted by CountBleck12 (4740 posts) -

@Wilfred_Owen said:
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Oh its old so fast.

I approve of this music.

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Radiohead usually cheer me up when I am depressed.

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#39 Posted by WolfgarTheQuiet (483 posts) -

@thegerg: Depression is not an mental illness LOL. Everyone has some level of depression or period of feeling down. Its atural and part of life.

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i think happy music will be better, they will tell u "forget it forget it forget it..." ,then u will forget all, haha

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#42 Posted by thegerg (18425 posts) -

@WolfgarTheQuiet: @WolfgarTheQuiet: Depression most certainly can be a sign of mental disorder. If it's impacting OP as much as it seems to be it may be a good idea for him to see a professional. The fact that it's natural doesn't mean that it's healthy.

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#43 Posted by LJS9502_basic (163313 posts) -

@thegerg: On the other hand....you're not an expert in this field so maybe you shouldn't dispense advice on it.

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#44 Posted by elliotskywalker (25 posts) -

maybe, everyone has his own right to express the ideas on something, right? :)

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#45 Posted by thegerg (18425 posts) -

@LJS9502_basic: That's why I'm suggesting that he see a professional in the field.

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#46 Edited by phobosarteris (25 posts) -

I've always been partial to something classical with a melancholic undertone, so I would say sad. I usually find myself listening to Godspeed You Black Emperor. And then there's Beethoven.

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#47 Edited by amalager (121 posts) -

When I'm depressed. What I usually do is to play, play, play, play. But when it comes to music. I usually play songs that were made by LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY. When youre on a computer, you can actually do that all at the same time. So when Im playing my MMO's like Rohan and Flyff, I play those songs on my background.

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#48 Posted by DanishSnow (88 posts) -

Don't know, but I would probably listen to extreme metal music, like grindcore or death metal.

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#49 Posted by getyeryayasout (11629 posts) -

Unless you hate life and Rock n roll, you should be listening to The Stones. Always.

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#50 Edited by AFBrat77 (26501 posts) -

"Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves, one of the best pop songs of the 1980's:


And if you are ok with a chick song, this ones a guilty pleasure of mine, and the girl isn't bad either, Don Ho's daughter:


and the answer is happy and upbeat.