What is the best film in Nolans 'Dark Knight Trilogy?'

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Poll: What is the best film in Nolans 'Dark Knight Trilogy?' (12 votes)

Batman Begins 0%
The Dark Knight 58%
The Dark Knight Rises 0%
Tie between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight 8%
Tie between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises 8%
Tie between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises 8%
Tie between all all three 17%

This is a difficult choice for me.

I love Batman Begins. I think the story is amazing, the pacing is really great, the characters are friggin' awesome...... and Scarecrow is a pretty menacing villain. However, the first half of the film is (understandably) slow, and Scarecrow gets very little screen-time, thus, it feels like the movie did not do him justice. I love it, but it is probably my least favorite of the three.

The Dark Knight is generally considered the best of the three. The characters, the story, the pacing, the soundtrack, the action, the plot, the acting, it's all there....and The Joker is one of the best portrayed villains ever, probably. The slowness that the first film had is not present here, and the villain is done justice. Overall, exceptional film.

The Dark Knight Rises is probably considered by most to be (not the worst), but the least-good of the three. The film puts a greater focus on the minds of the characters, and shows Bruce Waynes struggle to find his true self: Bruce Wayne, or Batman? The acting and dialogue are still very good, the action and effects are the best of the trilogy, and soundtrack is still epic, the pacing is exceptional, and Bane is the most badass and menacing villain of the trilogy. The sense of urgency and severity is so prevalent, and perhaps best of all, the movie does not rush itself: it takes it's time. Now, there are some pretty noticeable plot-holes that make the plot a bit unstable, but overall is a very enjoyable film.

So, Batman Begins is my least favorite, and I have pretty much balanced the pros and cons of The Dark Knight with the pros and cons of The Dark Knight Rises, so I am going to have to say that I vote it is a TIE between the latter two films. Both are equally exceptional. The first film is nearly as good, with just a few too many cons to hold it back. Overall, the entire trilogy is one big masterpiece.

Now....the opinions of others is important. So you should share yours.

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#1 Posted by Master_Live (18815 posts) -

Batman Begins: 10/10

The Dark Knight: 10/10

The Dark Knight Rises: 8/10

TDK>Batman Begins (just by a notch, Ra's fate is a mistake in BB)>>>>TDKR- just too much, too convoluted, too stupid at times, tried to recreate what TDK did and failed for the must part. Probably the most disappointed I have left a theater in my whole life.

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#2 Posted by Kevlar101 (6316 posts) -

@Master_Live said:

The Dark Knight Rises: 8/10

Probably the most disappointed I have left a theater in my whole life.

A full 8 out of 10......

......yet so negative towards it?

Explain yourself

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#3 Edited by uninspiredcup (24974 posts) -

I thought Batman Begins was the best, The pacing is better than the other two movies.

As the poster above mentioned, TDK is convoluted as ****. The movie basically is, Rocky 3. But Rocky 3 had much better pacing and a nice streamlined story. Instead, possibly an attempt to be "epic" it is just completely crammed with bullshit.

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#4 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (14579 posts) -

Loved all of them but I'd have to say Dark Ķnight... Heath Ledger was brilliant!

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#5 Posted by sukraj (27268 posts) -

TDK is my fav.

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#6 Posted by caseypayne69 (5394 posts) -

Everyone always picks the Joker but they are all great.

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#7 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26735 posts) -

TDKR. BB is the easiest to watch, TDK the most entertaining, but TDKR is the more interesting of the three.

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#8 Posted by bowchicka07 (1104 posts) -

BB 9/10

TDK 10/10

TDKR 8.5/10

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#9 Posted by Perfect_Blue (29945 posts) -

Batman Begins, by far. Mainly because Gotham actually feels like Gotham rather than NY/Chicago/Toronto.

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#10 Edited by sammyjenkis898 (28392 posts) -

The Dark Knight. They're all messy (Rises especially), and have really flimsy third acts, but The Dark Knight has Ledger going for it.

I used to say Begins is the best, but I gave it a rewatch recently and it wasn't as good as I remembered. I know Nolan's never been good with action, but I don't remember him being that incompetent.

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#11 Posted by one_plum (6501 posts) -

It's interesting how reception for the three movies mirror the original Star Wars trilogy.