What is a good amount of time to finish college.

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My goal is to graduate before I turn 24. Let me see started in 2011 when I was 18 and I had a bad habit of dropping classes so im behind. I have broke the habit and started to take more hours (15-18 a semester) and utilize summer classes , so I should graduate Fall 2015. It sucks but its not completely bad.

I feel like for a bachelors 6 years is a decent amount of time, not including personal situations that keep people out of school.

Graduate school depends on what you go for, but im shooting for around 3 at the most.

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I'm 23 about to finish my bachelors in May. I started when I was 18 and have been on the five year plan from the start. I do not get any financial aid so I have worked full time all five years to pay off my bills. I will graduate with no college debt. I am going to take one year off, then apply for my masters next January to start in fall, so assuming I get in, I'll be 24 in my Master's program. I have always seen it to try and finish everything before I am 30 so I guess I'm on track and it looks like you are too. I think overall just getting it done is what is most important.

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4 years.

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@ChiefvsGordon: good points I agree. TC isn't in that bad of shape compared to A LOT of people.

I plan to graduate bachelors by age 23 - 2015 but if I slip up I'll graduate at age 24 - 2016

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It depends entirely on you, the school, the major and especially your circumstances. I was able to graduate college in 4 years but I went to a year-round school and was able to do so without having to work during those years. Not everyone is able to do that and it can take substantially longer to graduate.

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4-10 years. Life happens whether it's financial, relationships, drugs, employment, etc.

But as long as you get in the end then there really isn't a set time limit on it IMO.

I'm just now at 26 years old completing a basic certification at a tech center after in and out of college after high school with bad grades.

This fall I'm enrolling into a college sister technology center that is tri-semester and I will have the opportunity to get my Bachelor of Technology in 2-3 years.

A good amount is 3-5 years naturally assuming you are focused, determined, and uninhibited by life's bs.

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Thanks for the good replies guys, it really does not matter as long as you do what you want to do.

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During these rough times, I would say at least 4 to 7 years would be sufficient. Then again like it has been stated before, depends on your major.

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4 years if military service is mandatory.Infinite time otherwise.

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the time it takes you to learn what you went there to learn. the whole four year deal is stupid.

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It depends on your situation, but for most people it is all about balancing your school workload, money, and work life. I would say five years maximum.

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Yeah, the universal answer is 4 years unless there's a special program that specifies another timeline.