What email service do you use?

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Hey guys, frankly I've been worried about what email service I use and plan to discontinue a few for several reasons. So to enlighten me, what email service do you use for your own personal use?

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  • Hotmail: personal
  • Gmail: professional
  • Yahoo: backup
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Wildblue and Yahoo.

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Outlook works fine for me

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gmail and yahoo

My very first online email address was "amex mail". It was thru the American Express credit card and was free for about two years, then they started charging, so I switched to yahoo. Sucks, because I lost all my contacts and messages. Oh well.

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gmail for work / som personal

hotmail for personal

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I use hotmail for personal and website orders. I use yahoo for more of my professional needs.

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Yahoo for mostly serious stuff and Gmail for secondary and crap like Facebook.

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Hotmail: registrations, purchases, etc.

Gmail: personal corrsepondence

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Yahoo: Buissness work, Registration, and Purchases. (PayPal)

Hotmail: Family's, Friends, and Personal.

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Yahoo for personal and outlook for professional, have use some old ones for junk or registrations plus my gmail for purchase and payment.

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Yahoo has been my main one for a long time. I guess I've had an AOL account for a longer time, but it's rarely used. My Gmail is more of my side account now. And I have a Hotmail that I rarely check...

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  1. Outlook.com
  2. SanrioTown
  3. OpenMailBox

I use Outlook.com primarily. I use SanrioTown primarily for two step verification. OpenMailBox is just something I wanted to try out but I am not liking the user interface compared to Outlook.com; but OpenMailBox may be a good alternative for former Lavabit users. I prefer @google.com over @gmail.com but only people who work for Google can have @google.com; I do not like @gmail.com but other than that I like Gmail. I feel Gmail works better for someone who wants to use it as an email client compared to Outlook.com, which is terrible as an email client and only supports POP3; usually does not even add the account of another email provider and gives you errors.

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yahoo for personal stuff

gmail was for school and has been turned into my work email now that I graduated.

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yahoo: casual trolling,gaming and general use

gmail: professional trolling

isp mail service: serious business only

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I use my work email for everything, so Microsoft Exchange (Outlook).

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Yahoo and Gmail.

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Gmail! Still using the same account I created back when you needed an invitation to register.

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gmail for personal, and my university also runs its email through gmail (Gapps or whatever they call it)

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My original email service was aol.

Now I mostly use ATT Yahoo.

My school email is Microsoft Outlook (now called Office365 I believe)

I also set up a gmail account this past fall for a school group project because we were using Googledrive.