What does the future hold?

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I am 20 and I often wonder what the 21st century will hold in terms of science and technology. The 20th century brought us: air travel, automobiles, skyscrapers, motion pictures, television , computers, the Internet, cell phones, video games, the laser, space flight, the moon landings, and so much more. Will the 21st century ever be as great as the 20th century was?

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It is going to be awesome, wait till you see the PS5 specs.

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21st century holds another 75 iPhone models...oh yay yippy yay!

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@Motokid6 said:

A greater gap between the rich and poor. Higher gas prices, over population, warmer, hotter climate, coastal flooding, stronger and stronger storms. War, bloodshed over religion and the "correct" way of life, greater, more prominent corruption.

..basically a perfect utopia in every sense of the word.

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now we've got porn,corrupt leaders and we're even killing people for the sake of peace.and now there's also farmville castleville and every shitville.there are also girls that have a little face on makeup and MJ on every FB status just to read the comments .this century's better in every sense lel

War -Existed since forever, civil, international, certainly not even close to a 21st century "probelm" and its something we will likely never escape.

Religious bloodshed - Again its existed since the holy texts themselves and is a fantastic tool in which extremists can justify their actions, also not a 21st century problem this has existed for thousands of years.

Corruption - The corruption we see today is no more severe or impacting than that which was rife in the Roman Empire, again not something which is specifically a modern problem and not something which will dissapear all the while some people have more power than others.

Porn - Okay so it wasnt as accessible nor was it as potentially harmful as it is now with the influence of modern technology allowing us to persue deviant kinks and fetish's but its existed in some format since we were scratching on cave walls. Which suggests again this is something else that can be blamed on being human and not the specific age we happen to be alive.

The only relevent point I beleive is the one regarding global warming as the back end of the 20th is when people actually started to become aware of the damage we are doing (if you beleive it). So in that respect those in the present and those going foward do have a very real responsibility to ensure the safety of our planet. A responsibility our predecessors didnt know they had!

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The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is.

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Hurting movie remakes, and terrible politicians is a guarantee.

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awesome technology. probably some things which are unimaginable currently. lots of problems which in hindsight were totally obvious yet ignored, you know, the usual stuff.