What do you think of the YouTuber HowToBasic?

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I think he needs to take a basic class on Universal Ethics. I watched some of his videos with a straight face. Farmers worked hard to bring food to his videos, and he basically desecrates the soul of the plant or animal that lived and breathed on this Earth that got slaughtered, pulled from the soil for his enjoyment and for views. Don't know why anyone would hit the subscribe button to see more of his videos or why he's trending. What a backwards society we live in. He should get banned. He's just one of the many slaves of 'they who shall not be named' to keep our society unenlightened.

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@madrocketeer: I wished I still didn't know he existed. But he's a YouTuber who posts seemingly legit food tutorials until you notice something off halfway in his videos. By the end he smashes and detonates the food and spills it everywhere on his island which is so unfunny.

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Just skimmed through a few of his videos, and yeah, I basically agree. He's one of those talentless hacks who produces content with no value, but for some reason (maybe a quirk of human nature?) people seem to get some satisfaction from watching his videos because he has over 13 million subscribers (over twice the population of the country I live in). In one of his videos he throws dozens of eggs at a motorbike and then sets it on fire... just why? I hate that kind of mindless destruction, it's a sign of low intelligence in my opinion.

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@PernicioEnigma: I agree, he has a low emotional intelligence too. Someone could've used that motorbike to get to work, and those chickens were never born and their essence was wasted to be washed by the rain. No more Circle of Life that we learned from The Lion King.

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A waste of time and money in my opinion. But if people enjoy it, then it is what it is. :P

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The first few were funny because you didn't expect it, now they are just repetitive.

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Being wasteful in general is not good, but hey we all sometimes let food spoil or don't finish our plates; being wasteful intentionally is just plain wrong, however.

Doing it for entertainment is disgusting. You might as well be a rich person burning dollar bills in people's faces.

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watched 10% of 1 video. yup. looks stupid. moving on.