What do you think of holding a spot for someone in a line?

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I was in an hour & a half line for a Jurassic World ride and some foreigners came in from behind us and tried to cut us letting us know they were with some friends and someone I was with tried to block their way. I helped the foreigners and tried to open the chain barrier for them but it wouldn't open so they climbed over it. I was glad to help and don't think it's wrong for anyone to do this. I think it's as if they were in line already even if they weren't present.

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It's fine for a single person, but if you're holding a spot for a group of people I think that is total bullshit.

I mean, if you're there with a friend, and that friend has to use the bathroom and you hold their spot while they're taking a leak, I take no issue with that. It happens to us all and we should all be understanding of things like this.

But if you're holding a spot in line as some sort of strategy to minimize the group's waiting time at the expense of others behind you, that is inconsiderate; you can all suffer and wait like the rest of us. Besides waiting in line with a group of friends isn't that bad, you just talk and complain about the wait together instead of just standing there alone with your thoughts.

Context also matters; if it's a long line to get tickets, then hell no, people don't get to cut. But if it is for an event and you already have tickets and it's simply a line to get in to the event, I can be more forgiving.

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If they're coming soon and it's just one or two people... fine. The cost to others is minimal. But if it's a group... or they're foreign... well...


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I don't know how I feel about it to be honest. For a single friend, it's fine...but for a stranger, a bit awkward.

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The problem I have is that this only 'counts' when with multiple people. You leave someone there to hold the spot for the others, that's generally OK. But if you are alone and have to leave the line because you need to go to the bathroom real bad (maybe you have an infection or whatever) then it's not OK to ask others in the line to hold a spot for you. I almost got into a fight over this.

I don't think the way normal people think. Imagine I missed out on societal programming. For me both of those situations are the same and I don't understand why society looks at one differently than the other. Regardless if someone is alone or in a group, I think it's respectful to hold someone's place (much like holding a door open for someone behind you regardless of whether you know that person). Not something you can expect a stranger to do, but a gesture of good will when they do so.

The way I look at it (for) now is that society functions based on things like feelings and powerplays. It's not designed to be fair but formed through evolution. (So let's say there is room for improvement.) If it was up to me then holding someone's place in a line would be perfectly acceptable.

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Nah. Groups shouldn't cut in. They can go to the end. One person that may have had to hit the bathroom or something is okay I guess. But it shouldn't be a continual event for some people.

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Complete bush league in 99% of scenario's.