What do you think about life?

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About your and all people. What do you think? Do you believe in God - why yes (and do you pray if) or not?

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Life is an interesting chemical reaction that began a few billion years ago and has been going ever since.

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Life is Peachy if you ask me.

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Gotta breed before the end.

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Life is whatever we make of it. For me, it's been an interesting ride with more ups than downs but I have no regrets. I used to believe in God at some point but I feel like I kind of grew out of it. Like, I don't NEED to think about it when I go through my day to day. I don't ridicule people who believe in him either. Just something I don't need in my life to give me hope. I've got plenty.

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Life is shit until it ends and then you turn into it :D

Circle of life ya know....

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Note: not a Wrasslin' fan - just got this seared into the side of my brain by a certain YouTuber for a certain game I played to Hell and back in 2018.

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Life is an ugly and beautiful library filled with love, hate, pleasure and pain. I believe in God because I want to, it is too depressing not to. I do not believe God is benevolent, but creation itself; the act of creation.

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I like it. It’s certainly better then the other option.

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@madrocketeer: I miss XPac, he was fun to watch until he turn on Kane lol.

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What's a god?

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Life is an obligation granted to us by the lottery of birth.

I'd say we owe it to ourselves to make the best of it, but I haven't quite taken that lesson to heart, so I can't say it with certainty.

I'll let Morty sum it up:

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Life alright for me at the moment. Currently I'm agnostic I guess you could say.

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I love my life. I love the people in my life. Life was pretty shitty for me for a while, but I'm very happy with where I am at.

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Life is largely what you make of it, and to that end I try to live mine to the fullest. I realise I'm pretty lucky to have been born in a part of the world with fairly decent standards of living and no conflict. In the end it's just a lottery where you're born, and I realise billions of people have it much worse than me, so I try not to take anything for granted.

Now in terms of religion, I understand why people have faith but I just can't convince myself that there's an afterlife. Even if there was, it would be a hard pass from me. The thought of eternal life sounds like insane torture to me lol. I'd like to believe reincarnation is what happens when we die. Still technically eternal life but at least with plenty of variety, and no knowledge of a former existence!

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Life is a pretty broad topic.

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To the OP, It makes me wonder. Are you at a low point in life or are you just fine and asking out of curiosity? Either way, I couldn't of found this post at a more perfect time.

Life is odd, my guy. A simple task of not doing your laundry the moment it comes out of the dryer seems to steam pile an avalanche of bad desicions and troubles. Om the other side of the coin, You could simply land that one career or person you wanted by being in the right place, right time and having a conversation you deemed pointless, until the end. Life for me? It's troublesome to say the least. I'm with a woman out of my league and she actually treats me like a human being. I was really close to being a dad too. Life has a weird way of doing things though.

My family is prospering more than they ever have. My brother is surviving is fight with cancer. My parents hit their 32 year anniversary and going strong. My family's alright. Friends are falling off left and right, what few were there anyways. My social life and everything else is fine.

But me personally? I may be far from okay, but I've kept reading and kept studying, staying alert and attentive to my actions. Hopefully my life will get better soon. I look forward to it and I'll handle it accordingly.


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At the end of the day in life, what will be will be!

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Life is suffering, and anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t lived.

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It sucks, but it ends for everyone eventually

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I'm hoping we are living in a simulation so I can go back to the 90's and become a rockstar and also I would like to fly.

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Yeah I believe in God and believe life is a test, there will be judgment day etc, typical stuff. I also see life as an opportunity to delve into personal betterment and achievements and improving your character. Life is short, go make the most of it while keeping your morals.

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Life is great! I do believe in God and actively pray, too. Reflect on what brings you joy, and pursue that -- and while doing that try to find others who have the same passion. The relationships we forge can help life feel more fulfilling.

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From what I noticed in life is that some people are born lucky and some are born unlucky. Then, it just matters what you do after that. It either goes uphill or downhill.

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Well my momma always said life is like a box of chocolates.. You never know what your gonna get!

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It's alright, innit. I was born in a place where believing in God is optional so... you guess.

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@br0kenrabbit said:

Life is an interesting chemical reaction that began a few billion years ago and has been going ever since.

^ this

also lol, god xD

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@SolidSnake35 said:

It's alright, innit. I was born in a place where believing in God is optional so... you guess.

I think you mean believing in God (or not) was tolerated in your environment. It's optional no matter where you are. Consequences, though...

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My life is okay but more concern with coworkers always talk about guy everyday. So much she almost seem cookoo. Her “friends” makes a lot of anxiety for her and don’t value her own voice which has to be something to find very sad.

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@incred_davis said:

Well my momma always said life is like a box of chocolates.. You never know what your gonna get!

Well my momma always said life WAS like a box of chocolates.. You never know what your gonna get!

mandela effect baby!

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