What do you expect from Star Wars Episode 7?

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It should be good.

I like that they're using a mixture of real locations and CGI. There will be more practical effects.

The original three characters should play a prominent role, even if they aren't the stars. It's just a guess, but I think Luke Skywalker has separated from his friends and they go find him, and maybe he does something at the end to save the younger crew, like how Yoda saves Obi-Wan and Anakin in Episode 2.

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Stay true to the formula.

Cheesy wipes as transitions, movie starts out in space, have one VILLAIN for entire new trilogy, keep CGI use low, follow the hero's journey story arc.

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After 1, 2, and 3...not a whole hell of a lot. My god did the prequels suck. I've seen better acting on "Under the Dome".

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Yea, it's great that they're going back to real props and live sets rather than pure CGI. I personally think it'll be a great movie and bring back the Star Wars we all know and love. I also like the fact that they're bringing back the old cast and combining it with a new cast and introduce new characters that will be at the helm of the next trilogy. I'm also glad that JJ Abrams is the director. I'm not a huge fan of him but he's definitely a better director than George Lucas and knows how to deal with the type of art style and atmosphere for this movie. Not to mention, he's a huge fan of the Original trilogy.

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@bforrester420: I think and hope this new set of movies are going to be a lot better than those. A mix of new and old.

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Disappointment.......and lens flare.

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I expect it to suck. I don't like Jar Jar Abrams.

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I think Abrams is overrated and fucking hate what he done to star trek but... it will I think these movies will probably, at least, be better than the prequels.

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Looks like it's gonna be pretty good

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The Novel Aftermath already told us Han and Leia don't have kids. Also why would a former princess and the leader of the New Republic have twins and one of them ends up as a scavenger with no idea who they were?

Rey and Kylo Ren are actually Lukes twins. As a baby the Vader worshipping cult, also in the novel Aftermath, tried to Kidnap the descendants of Vader. They were able to kidnap the boy Kylo but failed in getting Rey as well. Rey was hidden away and became a scavenger for her protection. Luke exiled himself for his failure in protecting his kids (much like Yoda in failing to protect the Jedi) and to protect those he loves.

Pick up with the force awakens, Kylo is now a Vader worshipper with developed Sith skills and he is searching for his sister. Han and Chewie hook up with Rey and Finn and search for Luke while also hiding from Kylo and the First Order.

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I think it will be enjoyable, but not particularly memorable compared to the original trilogy.

I wish they'd restrict themselves to 1983 technology to do sfx shots. Mostly for continuity. Part of the reasons the original models were wonderful was they were restricted in how they could be shot, which made them feel more grounded and plausible.

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Too bad mr alec guiness died....

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Disappointment. Way too much hype.

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@Star67 said:

Stay true to the formula.

Cheesy wipes as transitions, movie starts out in space, have one VILLAIN for entire new trilogy, keep CGI use low, follow the hero's journey story arc.

Can't think of anything else to say, although I must admit I'm not hopeful in regards to a lot of this. Still, well put.

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Hoping it'll be better than the Prequels.

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I'm actually looking forward to the movie a whole lot more than I figured I would.

I feel like, at the very least, these new movies will be better than Phantom, Clone and Sith. I get kind of these old-school vibes from the promotional stuff, and I think with a good director and fan like JJ at the helm things stand a chance of living up to the hype.

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I'm not really sure what to expect. Unlike most here, I found the prequels okay. Nowadays, I tend to watch them more than the originals probably because I got to see what the Corellian home world looked like.

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Something entirely new in the Star Wars garb.

Anything else and it would be a disappointment. It's an entirely new chapter in the series with a nearly-entirely new crew behind it. I hope it's nothing like what George Lucas crafted.

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Lots and lots of hype which may cause too many expectations for the film. JJ's Star Trek films were great action movies (didn't really stay true to the original Star Trek and did have some major plot holes). By the looks of it, it'll have a reasonable amount of CGI and props, good amount of action, lore, and mystery. Yeah, I think it'll be a great film provided JJ Abrams stays true to the formula but surprises the audience. The last thing I want is another Jurassic World. So much could have been done with that but it was the very epitome of a "safe" film with a generic oversized raptor thing.

The supermassive weapon is getting redundant but you got to raise the stakes somehow, right?

We'll see. December is getting closer.

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@jun_aka_pekto They had a few good sequences. I liked the Emperor in the prequels, he's joyously bad.

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The prequels are so god awful bad its best to not acknowledge their existence. Abrams can make some really cheesy movies but at least he can put a story together and pull out good performances from actors.

I for one am looking forward to a disgusting amount of lens flares. I expect the lens flares to stay consistently explicit and invasive to the story telling throughout the films entirety. Flares with such power they destroy immersion. They must shine so distract full, that all beautiful cinematography is left unappreciated. All other forms of media arts in star wars 7 will cower to the might of Lens Flares and bask in its glow like ungrateful worms. Any less and I will not be satisfied.

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I expect predictability and disappointment. Can't wait !

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a whole lotta PEW PEW PEW

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Just to be cautiously optimistic, nevermind the trailers making it hard.

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I'm pretty excited for it. I quite enjoyed the 2009 Star Trek movie because it felt very Star Wars- y. I don't think it's going to be better than Empire Strikes Back, but hey, I could be wrong. Either way I'm pretty excited to see it and plan on doing so over my winter holiday.