What do you collect these days?

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Hi everyone! I'm just curious in what type of stuff do you all collect these days? It might be figures, toys, video games etc... Care to share?

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Started collecting Blu-rays and DVDs just as physical media went out of style. I don't like the streaming age, when so many people won't watch something if it's not on Netflix.

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My tears...

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  • Vinyl records
  • PS1 and SNES RPGs

Though I haven't been actively collecting them in a while.

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@ezekiel43 said:

Started collecting Blu-rays and DVDs just as physical media went out of style. I don't like the streaming age, when so many people won't watch something if it's not on Netflix.

If anything, Blu-rays I'm somewhat of a collector of. Dunno how many I have, but I need another shelf for them now.

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Video games in general is my collection and I do often collect Funko pop figures but mainly for anime characters I'm familiar with.

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I collect money

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Nostalgia and it hurts :(

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Books, have around 150 and counting. I definitely need to invest in another bookshelf.

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Books and movies. The library can give you some great discounts on discharged or donated material. I got Bladerunner 2049 on bluray for $2 and some Criterions DVDs for $1.

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Transformers Masterpiece figures. I have a few on hand, but they are pricey, so I have to pick-and-choose what to get.

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@ezekiel43 said:

Started collecting Blu-rays and DVDs just as physical media went out of style. I don't like the streaming age, when so many people won't watch something if it's not on Netflix.

They won't do it because they are too lazy to put a disc in a box. Simple as that.

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Handiwipes. Those wipes in foil with a lemon scented solution. I keep about 50 in the car for quick wipes and dusting off the instrument panel and shift console. I run out fast so I’m always on the lookout at various food establishments. Montana’s has the best handiwipes (they serve ribs and various finger foods). They are larger than normal and a bit more durable.

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@uninspiredcup said:



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As a kid mine was Tazo's I used to be hooked and go through so many packets of walkers crisps trying to get the rarest ones. I'm surprised I'm not 20 stone.

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Comic books. Trying to collect the original 80's run of Transformers and G.I. Joe comics by Marvel and of course any Amazing Spider-Man issues I come across that I need.

Action figures. Been collecting the DC Icons figures last two years. Probably be jumping on the new DC line by Macfarlane Toys when they come out. Macfarlane always makes great figures.

And of course, video games.

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@TwistedRKO2012: Kind of a hodgepodge of things. I have several Pops and other Funko products. A buddy of mine has gotten me a couple of high end Japanese (I think) Mega Man X figurines, though all I need there now is Sigma. I collected just a handful of Amiibos. The two important ones were Ness and Roy, but I picked up a few others I found on discount or received them as gifts. I also collect vinyl, though I listen to it as well. :)

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I've more recently started collecting, painting and building model ships. It's a time consuming hobby but I've got a lot of enjoyment out of it so far.

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Lapel pins. Great keepsake from vacations and I display them in shadow boxes.

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I often visit apknite to collect some nice apps and games (minecraft, Ball Mayhem, Polysphere, etc.)

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I do my best to collect money. Beyond that not much. Digital movie and tv files for my ever growing Plex server so I can have all the media at any given time, but thats pretty freaking boring.

I suppose lately I've been trying to get out and walk in areas away from roads and paths that are actively meant to be traveled on in some fashion, places like woods, fields, and ravines. I guess you could say I'm collecting experiences in a sense, but it's more about getting into places that others live their whole lives near without ever actually seeing it for themselves because society hasn't given them an artificial reason to tread there.

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Mainly just Blu-rays. Some DVD's also but majority are Blu-rays. :)

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Been collecting these over the last few years. My collection is almost twice as many as the image:

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I'm thinking of starting a mega drive collection not full just the games I played as a kid.

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@johnd13 said:

My tears...


OT: Just videogames. The ones I like, I mean

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The only thing I really collect these days are my own photos and graphic pieces I take/create to further expand my portfolio options.

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@Vatusus said:
@johnd13 said:

My tears...


OT: Just videogames. The ones I like, I mean

I see nothing edgy there. Edgy would be collecting other people's tears. Collecting his own tears is an obvious cry for help. Why don't you offer some help and compassion you heartless bastard? I would myself, but I'm busy not giving a shit.

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a couple of JRPG PSP games

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Apparently I've been involuntarily putting together a whiskey collection. I've got over 12 different bottles on the go right now, and still buying more as time goes on.

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Sadly, just video games I don't even play.

I know what I'll be doing when I retire.

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Macross planes

Video Games

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I also started collecting manga. But I don't expect that collection to become big. The first pic is about 3700 pages. The books in the second and third pics arrived last week. Can't believe it's been ten years since I read Blame on my PC.

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Video games (Survival Horror in general)


And some comedy shows/ stand ups ( George Carlin, Redd Foxx + Moms Mabley) in particular. - Also a big Sanford & Son fan.

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@ezekiel43: Blame! nice b

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Use to collect Winnie the pooh until they started to look fake.. See http://noosel.co.uk/ Under Images/Beanies...

My site not update it for forever....

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New skills, I love learnsies in my brainsies

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I collect music. Thanks to the Internet I'm finding albums and artists I never heard of back in the day because a lot of it was only released in the artists locale or only had a small limited run.

It's a great time to be a music lover.

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Stamps and specific calendars with the pictures of actual type

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Songs for my iPod. I'm up to over 3,200+ songs, everything from Rock'N'Roll to Heavy Metal. I also have about 600 or so songs of old classic country. Not a fan of anything past 1990's,the odd song here and there.

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I don't collect nostalgia gets me depressed... I always have to move forward, that mentality is why I'm a minimalist also why I am in constant search for songs I have never heard or movies I have never watched. While I do listen to songs more than once and watch movies I love that feeling you get seeing something new or hearing a new song that you like cannot be replaced.

So guess I collect new memories and experiences.