What did you look like when you were little? (Post Pics!)

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Post pics from your childhood to the present.

It'd be kinda awkward if no one else posted pics besides me... but whatever, I'm fine with it lol.

Post pics if you WANT! How's that? Better? :P


Samuel L. Jackson might be sick of those mother******* snakes, but I sure as hell am not.

samuel l jackson does not approve



When I was about 13 or so..









Yeah. I'm a tiger. And I'm feisty :P




Your turn! 

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At my aunty's wedding with my godmother. I was flowergirl. I think I was 4 years old here.

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I was an ugly ass mofo at 13.
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Was about 7 or 8, catchin' buddyflies ;o

me bee on left ;p

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I would but I'm afraid some older gentleman might bank it.

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Me to the left. I think I was 6 when this picture was taken.


Me to the left. At my joint-grad party with my cousin at age 18.


Me 5 minutes ago at age 20. I look like sh*t because I just worked a 14 hour shift cleaning out urinals at a casino... not the happiest job in the world.

Edit: I also just realized I have the same doofy smile, haircut, and managed to wear a blue shirt in all 3 photos...

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I've come quite a long way

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I've come quite a long way



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2546091_l2.jpgthis was me

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I am monitoring this thread. *tongue flick*