What are your favourite primary colours? (some knowledge required)

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Poll: What are your favourite primary colours? (some knowledge required) (5 votes)

Additive primaries red, green and blue. 40%
Historical painting primaries red, yellow and blue. 0%
Subtractive primaries cyan, magenta, yellow and black. 0%
Psychological primaries red, yellow, green and blue. 20%
Some other combination not yet specified. 20%
None of them. 20%

The first option is loosely based on the trichromatic theory of three light receptors in our retina, which are sensitive to the spectrum as a whole, and whose peak sensitivities lie where we recognize, but not see these colours. They do not belong to light or nature, but to our post processing of these signals, which means that fewer light receptors will pass less discerning information.

The second option was an attempt at figuring out which paints reflected wavelengths that we recognized as the whole spectrum by means of intermixture. Yellow and blue do not give away green because the latter belongs to them, specially when their optical combination is achromatic (see dot paintings), but it's due to a slight deviation in reflectance from overlapping layers.

The third option is based on the ideal, but not yet accomplished, three colours that give away the additive ones (cyan and magenta give blue, magenta yellow gives red, etc) according to their model, with the addition of a key element to tone them down. Since what printers use belongs to a colour space, cyan, magenta and yellow are processed to measure up to their idealized selves.

The psychological colours are those whose names we have learned to identify and make combinations with. Magenta and cyan fall from this group, because they're either blueish red or greenish blue, respectively. They were inspired by the second stage of retina processing by grouping the "red", "green" and "blue" light receptors' stimulus in opponent cells, pitting red against green and their positive signal (i.e. yellow) against blue.

The last option is for when you consider rose and aqua, for example, between red and magenta, and between green and cyan, respectively, to make a more appropriate opponent axis to cross with the yellow and blue one. They're perpendicular in some colour spaces which account for human perception such as CIELAB and the Natural Colour System. Please check these two out for an example of how RGB and CMYK relate to them.

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addictive colours red green and blue

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Red, yellow and blue. The only primaries I acknowledge .

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Sorry I thought the only actual primary colors were RYB; red, yellow, and blue.

Primary in that they are the three colors you need to make all other colors.

As you said some education required to understand, but the others seem to conditional to be considered the answer to this question.

@SolidSnake35 said:

Red, yellow and blue. The only primaries I acknowledge .


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cyan, magenta, black, white

CGA ftw!

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@SolidSnake35 said:

Red, yellow and blue. The only primaries I acknowledge .

That's paint, RGB is light, Psychological primary's affect mood/decisions (that's why fast food use's them to promote hunger or casinos for gambling) I don't know what the rest are. I don't have one, never really thought about it.

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@comp_atkins said:

cyan, magenta, black, white

CGA ftw!

I knew some people would be creative ;-)

There is a TV display technology that adds yellow to RGB, not for colour information, but brightness.

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Purple Haze, Northern lights, Blue dream.

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What if.... your blue looks like my green?! How many of you had those thoughts as a kid and thought you were a revolutionary modern thinker... until you found the heaps of philosophical literature on the subject?