W.hat A.re Y.ou R.eading this time?

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I'm having trouble reading one book at a time. I jump around a lot, so here is a list:

Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzak Bentov

The Witcher: Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

The Nag Hammadi library edited by James M. Robinson

Edgar Cayce Modern Prophet edited by the director of the Association for Research and Enlightenment

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Reading some kindle book about Boudicca.

Mostly learned that Roman names are funny.

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Recently read Dan Brown Da Vincci code and others in the series. Its pretty fun, felt bad about Robert Langdon though, the guy just a professor at wrong place, every time.

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At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft.

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I just read, “What Dreams May come” by Richard Matheson. It’s a really good book.

I think quite a lot of about afterlife, I believe we do not exactly just become worm food, but I do not subscribe to any religion.

I believe there is a logic to everything and this book paints a logical picture of the afterlife.

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I've been on a Stephen King kick recently, going through his older works. I read It and Carrier and now working through Christine. Really enjoying it.

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Infinite Powers by Steven Strogatz

Re-reading The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes

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Started reading Pierce Brown's Red Rising a couple days ago. The first chapters remind me of the first Red Faction game but the book goes to 11 real quick.

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The Emaneska Series by Ben Galley..

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Right now I'm reading 'Hanuman: the devotion and power of the monkey god' by Vanamali. I haven't read very much of it, but I like it so far. I also have Vanamali's book on Krishna, which is great. Vanamali's books are a good balance between works of scholarship and readable stories.

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The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman.

From a radio show host that helps people figure out a path to their dream jobs. Been a very good read. The concepts discussed prior to release on the Ramsey radio show helped me land my current job.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

How to eliminate debt and bad money spending habits. I originally brought it on Kindle and read a good amount. But its hard to push myself to read more than a few swipes daily on a digital device. So I'm starting to get into hard copy physical books. Makes it easier to see my reading process and push myself to read more pages when I have time.

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I went 30 years into the future and am currently reading winds of winter by GRR Martin.

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A version of Il Principe by Niccolo Machiavelli and Mistborn book number 2: The Well of Ascension.

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Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon. Read it in middle school, but now I gotta read it again because they're making a series out of it on hulu. Then I gotta finally get around to reading Doctor Sleep, before the movie comes out. All these King adaptations are great for me, because I like to read books right before seeing movies when they make them, and I read damn near nothing but King anyway.

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Reading the comments :D