What are you currently procrastinating on?

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#51 Posted by Suzy_Q_Kazoo (9899 posts) -

I have an organic chemistry test Wednesday.

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#52 Posted by Celldrax (15043 posts) -

A crazy little thing called life... or was that love?... Whichever.

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#53 Posted by invisibletearsx (997 posts) -

Last question on my accounting hw.

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#54 Posted by FMAB_GTO (14385 posts) -
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#55 Posted by BATTOSAI76 (4084 posts) -

Ugh, so many things.,.

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#56 Posted by ShadowsDemon (10053 posts) -
Nothing, thankfully.
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#57 Posted by michael_1234576 (8631 posts) -
I have to go get a hair cut but I don't feel like walking in the cold for 15 mins
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#58 Posted by Installing (678 posts) -

HDD vibration dampening.

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#59 Posted by EvilSelf (3619 posts) -

I am procrastinating on some work that i need to get done and some projects on the side.

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#60 Posted by darkengy (171 posts) -
Blog posts...A lot of blog posts
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#61 Posted by DeadlyRavenKing (41 posts) -
I am putting off writing my first blog here on Gamespot, and more importantly studying for my psychology class.
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#62 Posted by Alter_Echo (10724 posts) -

I'll get back with you tomorrow.

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#63 Posted by CHOASXIII (14696 posts) -

Making a new blog.