What are some things that have been gone that you would like to see make a comeback?

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They say everything goes full circle and history repeats itself what would you like to see come back?

here's my list.

  • Rock music and yes I am aware of underground rock music but I'm talking about mainstream rock that doesn't suck and is a game changer that would create a new genre of rock that would blow the world away.

  • A new pro wrestling boom like we had in the late 90's this might happen and is the most hopeful on my list due to a new promotion called AEW it's the best chance we've had since TNA was at it's peak. I want a wrestling to become less cringey more serious with better characters and storylines with some realism to it.

  • The return of extreme sports and racing games like SSX, Tonyhawk, and Burnout.

  • AAA PC exclusives there's no reason why this can't happen but the gaming industry is stubborn. I miss the days of the great big budget PC game that was built from the ground up on PC that's what made it special. This isn't some PC fanboy thing I own a PS4 and it's great but I long for the days when we had games like Half Life 2, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Battlefield 2, F.E.A.R., SWAT 4 and Crysis ect... all these game where innovative in their own way because there where no restrictions on pushing the tech that's one of the reasons why they where so special that fact that we don't get these anymore is one of the biggest disappointments in PC gaming today I feel bad for new PC gamers that didn't experience this era.
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Traditionally animated movies. I refuse to watch another CG animation. I'm so sick of the artificiality of it. Until Disney and Dreamworks return to traditional animations, I'm just going to keep ignoring all their animated movies. Drawings are more beautiful. I also miss cell animation and older anime/manga art styles.

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@ezekiel43: I’m totally with you on that too. Nothing beats a good hand-drawn Disney movie.

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Gamespot's Unions.

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I suggest you look into New Japan Pro Wrestling if you are looking for more realistic wrestling.

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@bgres077 said:

I suggest you look into New Japan Pro Wrestling if you are looking for more realistic wrestling.

Thanks for the suggestion I watched some of it before it's ok but it's not what I'm looking for in my wrestling.

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How about getting rid of all these idiot (aka safety) devices on new cars? Anyone with decent driving habits don't need them.

While on the subject of cars, I want to get rid of the new gas mileage laws that were enacted within the last 10 years. During the previous decade, I can buy a decent V6 midsize sedan for $25k or less. Now? It starts in the upper $30k and more frequently, well past $40k. These new laws have pushed V6 car prices into the realm of luxury brands. In their place at the $25k range, we get turbo 4-cylinder cars that either burst into flame (Hyundai/Kia) or, defective (Honda 1.5T). The quest for better gas mileage also have resulted in crap CVT (aka disposable transmissions). Lots of lemons and potential lemons. I certainly wouldn't buy a used car that has a turbo or CVT.

Turbos were very popular back in the 90's. But, as that decade ended, market forces began the switch back to naturally aspirated cars because of better durability. Then, the turbo cars made a comeback this decade. But, it's not the result of market forces. It's the result of those new laws. Screw those new laws.

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Jalapeno poppers flavoured doritos!

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Hard Copy Albums/CD's