What are some good horror movies on Netflix right now?

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Come on, it's October! I recently watched an independent film by the name of "Vile." Saw-like plot (torture each other to produce a certain number of chemicals from the brain in the allotted time), but the characters were more relatable.

The Final looks pretty good. Already saw Children of the Corn, Misery, and a bunch of other no-good crap.

What do you guys suggest?

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Hellraiser is one of the only classic ones unless Child's play is still on there. For some reason Netflix decided to pull all of the Friday the 13ths weeks before Halloween.

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If you havent seen the Hellraiser series, I suggest you do. The first 2 are the best. Parts 5 to 8 were existing scripts turned into Hellraiser movies. Part 4 is pretty good with a good back story to the series. Ah hell...just watch them all.

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Dead Snow, one of the scariest movies I've ever seen

[spoiler] :P [/spoiler]

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I dont know much about it myself, but my sister goes through the depths of Netflix horror library on the regular. The ones she's liked are Grave Encounters, Them (2007), Pandorum, and The Shrine (average, but she said it gets better in the second half)

Only advice i can give is, don't watch Fire in the Sky. People mention it as an underrated gem, but really only the abduction scene is worth watching on Youtube. Most of the movie is dead boring redneck drama, and nothing remotely scary unless you're a UFO nut and actually believe the story it's based on.

Oh, also The Fog and The Omen (original) are on there, both classics worth watching.