What are some band names you've come up with?

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#1 Posted by Behardy24 (5324 posts) -

The band names I've come up with:

Second Verse ( Because second verse tend to not be good or memorable.)

Dark Sparkle ( History Teacher of mine came up with that when he was into music)

What are some of your band names you come up with in your head?

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See wut i did there

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The THC's ! I can see them easily at the April 20th concert, lol ..

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#4 Posted by themajormayor (25669 posts) -

The Fuckers

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#5 Posted by GazaAli (25216 posts) -

Contemproray Cummers

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Lost Control

Fly You Fools

To Sail on a Hell Boat

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The Salty Seamen

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@bowchicka07: Fly You Fool is a real good name.

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I've never had a band or named one.

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"The Band"