Usage of cell phones in libraries

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Do you think the use of cell phones in libraries should be banned ?

Someone argues that talking on the cell phones in libraries is not unlike talking to your friends in libraries, and if it's not prohibited then use of cell phone should be allowed too.

Personanlly, I never ever use cell phone in libraries (simply because I don't have one :) ) but I'm extremely annoyed when somebody talks on cell phones in libraries. Normally I'm polite and sensitive guy, I ignore them or tell them to stop gently and politely, but sometimes I call someone names if I see him/her talking on cell phones especially if he/she ignore my request.

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Depends on what floor you are, and if you can talk quietly. Some libraries have designated study/quiet floors, so you shouldn't use your cell phone there. But in general, as long as you can do it quietly and without bothering others, it's not a big deal

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I think it matters more whether or not the person is having an obnoxiously loud conversation with the person on the other end as if they were talking across the entire library.

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I think people need to realize they shouldn't be a nuisance to other.

I can understand a child calling his mother saying "Hi mom, I'm off from school. I'll wait for you in a library", a quick 60 second conversation. But...., talking louding, or for long periods I feel shouldn't be allowed. Surprises me grown adults need "rules" for basic manners.

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once a librarian chewed me out for checking my voice mail in the library, not that I was talking or anything but you might of guessed I was judging from the way they freaked out about it

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People talk on the phone in libraries? I see everyone texting these days and using calls for emergencies or if something is urgent.

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It better be short or you are going to hear from me.

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And by that I mean shhhhhh-ing you and calling the librarian so he/she can inform you about the rules of decorum.

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go away with banning garbage.

its called not being rude

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People can text all they like, just not make calls in communal areas. There should be dedicated rooms for people to take calls.

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I work at a library and its annoying as fuuuuuuuu... when someones phone starts ringing and they start talking on it. We seriously facepalm because people will be sitting right by the "No Cellphone" sign and theyll be like "AWW YEAH IM DOWN AT DA LIBARY ON DA COMPUTER!" Then theyll actually get mad when I tell them to go outside or stop talking. Then theres the people who sit at the computers or in the sitting area for hours and not put their phone on vibrate and I have to listen to their stupid ass notification sounds over and over. ITS A LIBRARY, NOONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR "IMPORTANT" CONVERSATIONS!

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I'd always put my cell phone on vibrate and never talk on it in a library. I'd go outside first. And speaking of the vibrate you can still hear it and it's creepy sounding even though it's not loud. Maybe there's a vibrate mode on some cell that's really faint so you almost can't hear any of it. Haven't researched that yet.

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Who still goes to a library these days?!